Butterfly Wisdom – Especially Now


TV juju

Image FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Naypong

You can see we need anger management in how we entertain and tell a vision.

We dress in white collar and suits, but daily show that we are sons of anarchy;
the voice
of mad men, dancing with the stars.

We live in a house of cards, under the dome of a community full of breaking bad and shameless, criminal minds.

It’s a grimm, arrested development and scandal in our worldly homeland because we feel justified to seek revenge with necessary roughness.

We are the walking dead, masters of sex and pretty little liars that believe we only have one life to live since that is part of being human.

Once upon a time we felt like life was elementary and we should have supernatural, happy endings, all the days of our lives even when we made bad decisions.

It’s tomorrow people!

Big brothernew girl, the young and restless, you are all a person of interest since you are a survivor and true blood, masterpiece.

There’s a modern family forming on earth in which we understand we are all part of something greater than our self, especially now!

The CSI (crime scene investigation) is fading to black and the last ship is sailing because we are on the fringe of Law and Order.

May you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

[Note: The italic words are the names of recent popular programs seen on American TV.]

What do you think? Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Wisdom – Especially Now

  1. Its a scramble to the top my friend 🙂 you seem to have unlimted tv show title quote capabilities lol.

  2. Brilliant! Seeing the TV shows most popular today like this, sure shows the analogy of our time!

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