Fear of Terrorists, Part 3

We all are affected in some way by terrorism because each of us carry a trait of fear in our ego and personality. When that trait is activated through worry, hatred, anguish or similitude it adds to the world collective of negative energy, pulling us further into it.

Terrorism and fear are problems to rise above as we make other choices that lead to happiness for us all. 


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Any fear that we harbor in the subconsciousness can be unconsciously activated and added to the fear circling the globe when we relate to terrorism through the media or any other way.

It can also draw more negative energy and fear to us. Thus, some of the fear we experience concerning the situation may be what we unconsciously drew to us from the fear circling in the world mental atmosphere. It’s like the mass seduction of a mob with fear spreading from person to person until nearly everyone is affected.

Whenever you experience any type of fear, especially fear of terrorism, look on it as an opportunity to over-come it. That’s putting some positive energy in the equation already.

Consider viewing the ‘thinker’ within, bringing your thinking to the present moment where your body is physically. It frees you to practice silencing the mind, thereby releasing fearful thoughts, and you can consciously choose to align with inner and universal peace.

You can find out more about how to enter the Silence here: Relaxation and Silence.

Through science we now have a bigger view of the universe; we are part of a great sea of infinite galaxies, infinite abundance, infinite creativity and infinite power. This enables us to have a deeper understanding and a base of faith that we are part of something greater than our self.  

What some would call God, Lightbearers call the Great Principle, Our Father, that IS Unlimited Power, Cosmic Mind, Ubiquitous Law, All-inclusive Love and All-Encompassing Spirit. 

Simply IS

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Humanity created religions for our own emotional comfort because of the pain from our mental fall from Grace; our belief that we have lost the support of the Eternal. Fear, hatred and all the other negative subconscious traits were created because of that belief, and terrorists and fear of terrorists stem from that.

Yet, there is hope because there is still a flicker of faith within us that Harmony exists. That faith can become a flame to help us rise above fear.

Though we may experience fear it will eventually end because we created it and give it power.

Let us fight for freedom! When you are peaceful, happy and loving within yourself and express goodwill, caring, kindness and compassion for others, it helps raise everyone out of fear and break the cycle of terror.

Love too can circle around the world, increasing the Light in mind and heart.

May You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

You can find more about the Great Principle here: Our Father.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We must live peace, be one with it. That is our problem, our final aim as Lightbearers. We must gird ourselves with the sword of courage. We must fight, not on the battlefield of killing, but on destroying all that is opposing real happiness within us.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume 2, page 124.

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