The Power of Listening, what it does for You: Part 1- In Conversation


Too many of us would rather have our voice heard than listen, talking at others rather than talking with others, force-feeding our opinions and stories. It’s more about us than the other person; we’re trying to lift our own spirits rather than the other person, asking for acceptance and hoping we are worthy of love. Listening is a commanding tool of conversation. And, essential for expanding our consciousness and  refining our reality.

Why listen

Sincerely listening to someone empowers the speaker and the speaker gradually unfolds, relying on the listener/s. The energy of the thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a conversation from both the speaker and listener shape the reality of the moment!

By listening we are better able to sense the quality or charge of the mental and emotional energy, if it is positive or negative, and the intent.  

As we listen we can  also learn about ourselves!  Are we inwardly impatient, self-righteous, bored, fearful or insecure?  It’s an opportunity to know the way we think and where our energy goes to form our self-image, personality and eventually our reality! 

5 ways to be a better communicator

A symbiosis occurs in a two-way conversation through like attracts like. Here are 5 simple pointers to being a good listener and communicator in conversations:

  1. Be conscious

    Be quiet and listen to the speaker and your own inner dialog. Being mindful in the moment opens you to vaster understanding and wisdom about yourself and the other person!

    Your presence as a person and soul may helping the other person without saying a word. But, they may also ask for your counsel.

  2. Be sincere

    Be yourself, no pretending. Sincerity can lead to a stronger coherence from all those involved.

    Sincerity is a quality of Truth that you can consciously feel. Through this awareness you open yourself to your own consciousness and reality.

  3. Make eye-contact.

    Your eyes are the window of your mind and soul!

    You are synchronizing your own body and mind, as both listener and speaker synchronize to similar energy frequencies. 

  4. Listen, observe, then keep what you say brief.

    In the silence of listening you can objectively analyze, observe yourself, and be aware of your own frequency, intent and make any adjustments to stay true to yourself. You can spot any temptation to be insulted, aggravated, angry or other fearful emotions. If you perceive any low-frequency thoughts or behaviors then you can prevent from entering your subconscious by consciously negating them. 

    When you speak be honest and to the point. Ask relevant questions, gradually going deeper, getting to the heart of the matter.

    This is the point of true intent to manifest and the determining factor of the overall charge of energy in the conversation and how you and others will be effected.

  5. Be considerate.

    There may be things you don’t agree with or like in conversation, yet that is part of being free-willed individuals. The speaker is asking for love; it helps you to be conscious of that. 

    By being considerate and grateful in the moment, mindful of the opportunity to converse with others you open yourself to love. Love for yourself, the speaker and others. Plus, the love radiates energy in your aura and is an added protection from negative energy that may have been manifested.

    But, if you are disinterested, annoyed, and impatient in a conversation you are attracting the same energy, drawing negative bioenergy from others. Plus, the Law of Cause and Effect, karma will also be a factor! 

You are shaping your reality

You never know what a person takes with them from your encounter, but there will be a result from the cause started in conversation! And, by listening you are helping empower them in their reality. 

Your own reality is also shaped. You created this moment for yourself. By listening you are able to silent your own mental chatter and rest in your core character. You can gain insights and inspiration about yourself and the situation of the conversation and what to do or say, if anything, about it.

Most interesting is that you can come to know that you love unconditionally and mindful of your happiness. And, that energy radiates out to touch the aura of those in the conversation first, then further. You are being a Light in the world without saying a word. 

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Love is the great harmonizer, therefore listen with your heart and speak from your heart. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo: Yaeorat  (Chinatown), Bangkok


“Whenever then we realize that ONE-NESS with the Great Truth and stand for that Truth and live It, we have the whole of the Truth of the Universe back of us, because we are part of It, as a drop is part of the ocean.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35



6 thoughts on “The Power of Listening, what it does for You: Part 1- In Conversation

  1. Yes Love, You are harmonious.

    We get lost in the human world and believe we are many things like ‘damaged goods,’ ‘in a hurry,’ ‘all alone,’ and we get preoccupied in our emotions with it. By being quiet and listening we can become more conscious of our Inner Self. Then we can see that others suffer just like us and we have compassion for them.

    Thank You dear. And, Light and Love to You, PortiaSLB

  2. I’ve been making a conscience effort to listen instead of speaking, I have found in myself more compassion and understanding of why this person or that person needs to talk and I have felt so much more harmony in my emotions! Which is such a much needed feeling that I need!
    Love and Light to You Dear Friend! I Thank You!

  3. Remember love that You, like all of us are looking for love, yet it sets within us all this time that we look for it outside of ourselves.

    We have been conditioned to talk, talk, talk as a defense against all the negative that may have come our way and we took it within ourselves and carry it still. Through talking and the desire to be heard we try to rid ourselves of the hurt without revealing what has caused us to suffer.

    Being silent can help us find love within us, especially when listening to others. We can see and experience the pain that others feel too because we are so much alike! In the condition of love we can look at the causes and even deeper negative conditions and release them emotionally and mentally.

    Thank you dear. With Light and Love for You, Portia

  4. Thank you dear for your sincere and heart felt insights!

    Perhaps through conversations in written words such as this we can also become a bit more conscious of all the wonderful possibilities to reveal ourselves. Everyone of us has their own path to travel and it seems so many more of us are awakening consciously to our spiritual qualities, including sincerity and love. Light and Love to You, Portia

  5. I love the review…as I have been aware of these pointers…When I taught I had the words LISTEN and SILENT on the wall…I encouraged the class to actively listen to one another by being silent….
    I love most of all your line of ” Love is the great harmonizer, therefore listen with the heart, and speak from the heart.” In all of this, sincerity being the platform we will ultimately master. Lies have been accepted for centuries as a means to an end, and the truth eventually surfaces, only to degrade the the liars. I wish there to still be a way of addressing the importance of being honest, sincere, and truthful…to the best of our ability. Thank you so much for this exercise of running in place with our thoughts 🙂
    Many blessings to you…as I will quietly get on with my day 🙂

  6. This is one of my biggest problems! Listening before I speak! Life with other people is so much more joyful when listening instead of doing all of the talking,,, I understand everything you are expressing here and am grateful for your inspiration on this lesson of Listening!

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