Mysterious Sunset

mysterious sunset

Darkness approached as he swam for the shore,
and the mysterious sunset.
He didn’t know what he was getting into
but he knew it had to be better than swimming around in the dark.
The dark, the dark why am I so afraid of this approaching dark?
He was always questioning himself like that,
but it was for a good reason.
He reminded himself,

My Inner Guide will always answer when I am willing to listen.
But not always in the way he had expected.
The answer came this time too, short and simple:
There is always Light.

He nodded to himself as a thank you to his Inner Guide.
And, with his heart full of trust in an even higher Source
He stepped upon the shore ready to continue on his journey.
Confident, though cautious and facing the unknown future,
he said, “With the help of the Great Law I am brave and I will continue.”

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Your experiences and comments are welcomed. Remember your Higher Self and soul never hesitates. 

Photo – Sunset in Panama.


“The world is not divided between good and evil. The Great Principle is the ONLY ONE, and IT IS ALL.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 143.

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Sunset

  1. You are part of shining peace here love! And, understanding why we experience fears points the way to our peace, and of course, our peace helps others through the Law of Attraction which is Love. Thank You dear for your beautiful expressions. Light and Love to You, Portia

  2. I Love this! Your inspiration hits so many things I’ve been working on! Especially knowing the Higher Self, listening to our Teacher within, I thought of this last night when trying to help someone make the right decision in their life. Listen to your Intuition! Not your fears! The person said like a lightbulb she new exactly what to do! I told her not to tell me Just do it!
    Always Love, MelissaLB

  3. Hello dear Portia…When I first saw the Mysterious Sunset post, I thought of the photograph taken by a dear friend the day my Mom passed on…to the other shore…This poem too soulfully seems to describe the leaving we all find mysterious, after all. I have cared…and still do…for family….but have lived long enough to know that the swim from here to there is appointed without notice…Even when we anticipate, we know we don’t know…and it is always best to rest in accepting the moment…as your comforting lines describe…
    There was time when death seemed like the ultimate fear whereas now I mostly fear being misunderstood… I fear lies that create chaos. In death, I trust truth will shine away any misconceptions… That will bring peace, and I would love to be a part of shining it here and now…:-)

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