Fear of Terrorists, Part 2

The raging storm of terror that is generated by hatred, fear and self-righteousness is also unconsciously fed by associated fear-based traits like worry, prejudice, impatience, pride and ignorance. An impersonal analysis of the situation can help us calm the turbulent tempest in our thinking, free us to be in the moment, and with the help of the Eternal begin to enact inner peace.


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Unconscious of fear

Terrorists also use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously cover up their own fear and to abet hatred. Their egos feel threatened and powerless, so in trying to empower their egos they fall further into hatred with a responsive belief that they are doing the right thing. With so much negative energy circling they become a slave to it.

Plus, wanting their cause to grow, they use that negative energy to attract others. And it works. More people are joining terrorist organizations out of fear. Fear attracts more negative energy and fear.

The fear boomerang

It does not stop there because that fearful energy boomerangs back to the originators, burgeoning, attracting what they fear (retaliatory attacks and subjugation). It terrorizes them to the point of desperation and thus they attack again. 

We don’t know what terrorists as individuals have been through to get this way, yet terrorism is an attention-getter that is really a cry for love. It is the ego that doesn’t know how to cope with the stress of change and is afraid.


Acts of mindless killing or beheading by the terrorists are going beyond a spit in the face with disrespect. It is a very personal message to instill fear and to demonstrate their resolve to wreak havoc in their struggle for what they perceive as justice, trying to empower themselves. In their self-centeredness, fear and guilt they lose their empathy for others.

Cutting off the most ready means of identification is an allegory for losing one’s self. It is symbolic of the perpetrators losing their own head and sanity, cutting off all reasoning and consciousness; the fall of mind.

Black is symbolic of the unknown and the shrouded assassin in black is symbolic of the unknown fear of the terrorists.

Rise above doubt

Fear of terrorists cycles, boomerangs round and round, growing world-wide, attacking anyone that unconsciously feeds it with worry, prejudice, antagonism or other fear-based traits. All this because of doubt.

As discussed in the last post, we experience fear because we doubt our connection to and the support of the Eternal. Let us be brave and remember that we have the support of the Eternal, and enact unconditional Love instead of fear within ourselves. This can help us all to face the situation with courage, while not tolerating hatred, prejudice and egotistic self-righteousness.  

May You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

In the final post of this series we will dig deeper for understanding, discuss the importance of faith and with the help of the Great Law, step closer to inner peace. Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We should not say we are alone. We are not. We should rise above it and say, ‘I have within me the Sword of Truth, my helmet is the Inspiration from above.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume 2, page 124.

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