Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself, Part 2


It May not be Pretty

A spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart because it can mean a great deal of work to know both the personal, human traits and the individual, spiritual aspects of yourself. Knowledge of the human, personal part is not always pretty, yet it is essential in order to release any part of it that may be holding you back from the success and happiness that is your natural right as a soul.


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Your Higher Self does not impose itself on You. You must be silent and listen for your Inner Voice of intuition with an awareness of Unity.

Self-analysis can reveal both what we consider good and bad. One of the easiest ways to exercise self-analysis is to be conscious of the way you respond or react to people you have a relationship with or those you have just met, even in passing.

Those responses that are harmonious are the ones to embrace as they carry you further on your spiritual journey, while those that are not quite there yet could use an attitude adjustment, because those are the ones that can drag you down and cause you pain!

 Pain is the teacher, while your intuition is your liberator – when you listen to it!

Notice your thoughts and feelings when you interact with someone; that is, be conscious and aware of living in the moment.

You may feel justified for a resentful, jealous, guilty or impatient attitude towards someone because your egotistic beliefs are pulling you down. Yet, it is your Higher Self, your superconscious, that inspires you to consciously recognize false beliefs in order to release them. 

Once you understand that you were tempted by self-righteousness beliefs, consider refining your conscious self-analysis using the qualities of the FourSquare to pinpoint the problem. The qualities of Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love are standard to press into judgment as you listen to the inner knowing and intuition of your Higher Self.

I start with questions like:

  • Am I feeling compatible and drawn to this person, or am I feeling uneasy and put off? Though that’s usually an easy question to answer, I’m also keenly aware that those questions do not get even near to useful self-analysis. I go further.
  • Am I feeling critical, spotting shortcomings or feeling congenial? Why? Then further.
  • Am I conscious of being motivated by fear or love? That’s the big question!

When I am sincere and silent in my spiritual purpose and discover that I am being motivated by fear then I continue in the examination.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

We’ll go deeper with more FourSquare questions and steps to unveil your Soul by releasing hurtful traits next time, with the help of the Great Law!

In the mean time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“What you call Good is also an effect, brought about by attuning yourself to the Law and working in harmony with it.” 

 Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, p. 155.

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One thought on “Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself, Part 2

  1. I recently had an experience dealing with another person who was not able to control their emotions of anger, and I was caught completely by surprise. After leaving this situation I felt very bad and confused emotionally, yet I decided to use the wisdom you wrote about. It was so wonderful to see, first the Truth of the matter, then to send Loving thoughts to the person and situation!! I felt Free! And not attached to the problem any more! Thank You so much for sharing this lesson on Releasing False Beliefs!

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