Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself, Part 4


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If you feel aggravated while interacting with someone then a low-frequency ego trait was most likely activated. Yet, that uneasiness can be your great asset! 

Your emotions can lead you to realize the Wisdom and authentic Power of your Soul. When you become conscious of being tempted by a negative emotion or behavior it inferably is your Superconsciousness gently letting you know something is not in harmony with your soul! 

First things first!
When I feel some uneasiness during an interaction with someone, I use the FourSquare, as discussed in Part 3, to help me pinpoint the reason and name the trait or thought that was not in harmony with the qualities of my soul.

Once I consciously realize that I was tempted to engage in a harmful trait that is based in fear, I then will myself to relax mentally. This is important so I can focus on going further in my attitude adjustment! I then mentally step away from that adverse criticism and let it go. I let it pass me by. I turn it away; I throw it away; I blow it away! It is such a liberating and empowering feeling!

The next step is life changing – I mentally look up within to connect with a Higher Power – Universal Life Energy to help further harmonize and inspire me. I realize and make a declaration of Truth to align with love instead of fear with a statement like:

Header_with_Exercises_new“I am One with Universal Love and Universal Life Energy. I am conscious of being loving and being loved Now. I feel IT.”

This brings my awareness and gratitude into the moment before speaking or acting. I manifest that attitude adjustment in some physical manner. It may be something very simple, like a smile to a stranger or sincere listening and to what the other person is saying. It will be a choice that is motivated by love rather than fear.

You’ll know a change has taken place within yourself and so will the other person if they acknowledge it or not.

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Temptations of the Ego
We experience detrimental emotions and traits because of choices we made in the past and choices we make now. Through the law of karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, we unconsciously create harmful conditions that become habitual by frequently engaging in thoughts of worry, impatience, anger, procrastination, or carelessness! 

The subconscious ego aims to dominate us with these temptations, and thus we come to believe the illusionary personality traits we engage in and claim them as our own. You may come to think that is who you are, including that you are a terrible person at times, not good enough, not lovable or loving. You are not your thoughts! 

Your Soul Mind Connection
You may be tempted by fear-based emotions, yet that feeling of something not being right is your Higher Self awakening you consciously to the illusion of the insecure ego. Your Higher Self or Superconscious is your connection to Universal Mind. You are tapping into Divine Mind when you listen to your intuition. Be grateful!

You have the Eternal supporting You and helping You unconditionally! Take the opportunity to release subconscious traits in the moment and choose to align with Love instead. In this way you will  bring out the qualities of your Soul in your life and empower yourself to attract more conditions for your happiness, and indeed the world!

You will come to know that You are a beautiful Soul and so very good at heart.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

You can download a guide and article with more specifics to help you here: Enslaved and From Fear to Freedom Guide.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Without our knowing it, Superconsiousness plays a more important role in our lives than subconsciousness because it is always watching us and reminding us when we make a mistake.”

                     Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume 1, p.72.


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