Butterfly Wisdom – Always Been

Always Been

always been

Heart and Mind   reaches   for  

ALL   that   Is

To  meet   THAT    which    

has      a l w a y s       been .

Thank You, Portia SLB

Fear of Terrorists, Part 1

Some may say that terrorism is so prevalent today because of conflicts between people, their rights, their freedom, and their land which started long ago. It’s said that the conflict between religious beliefs and the struggle for dominance are causing extremism, and it is but it also goes deeper than that.

Terrorists and fear of terrorism exist because we believe we have lost something vital.

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We feel disconnected and separate from each other, and more importantly separate from God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahma, or a thousand other names humanity uses for the Great Causeless Cause. Though we may not be conscious of it – we believe that we have lost the support of the Eternal.

That is the fall of mind; our thinking that doubts its natural state of Peace, Purpose and Eternal Love. The mind that created subconscious fear, hatred and beliefs that are founded on doubt and assumptions. We have mentally fallen asleep to our True Self, our connection to and faith in the Eternal.

Our mental fall is why religious beliefs came into existence and through beliefs, extremism.

Fearful ego traits and terrorism were created by us, humanity, because we feel we are not part of and one with Universal Mind and Universal Love. We separate, divide, and feel finite rather than infinite.

We fight each other because we are inwardly fighting for our own freedom from fear, ignorance, pride and impatience. We seek Love, but do not know how to reach it through the pain and conflict we created in trying to empower ourselves.

Terrorists live in a subconscious mental hell because they are blinded by unreasonable beliefs, dominated by accumulated evil and enslaved by fear.

They use religion as a means to incite hatred and to cover-up their own fear! It is a mental unbalance, an insanity. They are trying to empower their self as they unconsciously seek love while they forget love.

Being stunned into unconsciousness by fear and a buildup of hatred, there is little room in the ego for conscious reasoning and logic, much less awareness for their True Mind, which is naturally loving.

Through beliefs their suffering is associated with the ideas of the self-righteousness. And, when one lives in the past or dwells on the desires of the future there is no mental recognition of the present and it can not be appreciated. 

We should not tolerate terrorism, rather we should rise above it. Live in the moment appreciating life. 

Though we may experience fear at times, we also have within us the spark of Universal Love. Let us be mindful of It, act and radiate love the best we can to help all of us rather than feed fear. 

The feeling of love changes things for us – you know what it feels like and how it changes your outlook when you experience any form of human love. 

You can start first by being grateful for any love in your life, then be caring, considerate, loving, and spread goodwill to those around you. It will help free yourself of fear and others also!

Sending You Light and Love with the Hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


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With the help of the Great Law we will discuss why terrorism spreads, the analogy that is relative to each of us, and the importance of Faith in the next 2 posts.    

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Fear is one of the most destructive characteristics of subconsciousness.

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, page 189.