Your Soul notifies and inspires you to get the ego to work for You

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We are naïve and allow ourselves to be mentally programmed, yet our Soul endeavors to eliminate every negativity from our lives. We can so identify with negative thoughts and emotions that we believe that is who we are, believing we are stressed, worried, and a victim. And it limits our awareness of life’s expansive opportunities and potentials ….. as being the creators of our own destiny!

Yet there are ways to control negative thoughts and impulses and make the subconscious ego work for us.

First of all ….. What is it?

Long ago the human mind turned away from our Higher Self and Superconsciousness. And the Consciousness Self by not consciously recognizing Truth and Unconditional Love of the Eternal ….. it’s connection to Superconsciousness, indiscriminately created a mental level below consciousness ….. Subconsciousness.

Every thought, sensation, feeling, emotion, experience falls into the subconscious when the consciousness allows it to enter. Plus the subconscious is a very fertile ground, growing whatever falls into it, positive or negative. Eventually those energies return to our consciousness and we use them as rational thought!

Why to hard to control?

The subconscious cannot heal itself ….. cannot control itself because …… it’s naive and lacks discrimination. And that why it’s so hard to control!

Fighting against negative draws more negative because of the negative energy of the intention based in disgust, shame, regret, fear, desire, pride, scorn drawing more negative energies. Instead, we must fight up with Truth and Love.

How to harmonize

ENLIGHTEN the conscious self

The more we know about the subconscious as a condition the more we are able to become conscious and control the ego. Remember subconsciousness is a mere condition …. a mental illusion and belief that was created by the human consciousness ages ago and is below our awareness.

There’s always a payoff for negative thoughts and emotions like stress, despair, anxiety, pride and anger! We can blame others or circumstances, get attention, and get high on adrenaline. And the hormones and drama are addictive, keeping us in moods and beliefs about ourselves.

Engage Mind and Heart Coherence

Your emotions are tools of your Soul. And Soul recognizes negative passions when we experience them and lets us know by how they make us feel. We feel bad, down, worried, angry, humiliated, stressed, etc.

We can consciously choose to reject these negative passions. Negation is a standard means of mentally rejecting inharmonious thoughts, emotions or positionalities, such as opinions and beliefs. In negation we stand guard of the Conscious Self and mentally reject any negative thought, emotion or energy. We mentally throw it into a mental trashcan! Or incinerate it with the purifying power of Universal Life Energy.

The next step is to think “as many positive thoughts as you can.” And we purposefully allow each positive thought to enter the subconscious so it can grow! Each positive thought like gratitude eliminates a negative one!

As for myself, when I am conscious of a negative thought or emotion like resentfulness, because of the positionally of believing I have been wronged ….. I reject it mentally. And I become grateful for this amazing awareness and ability to reject it.

Purify the subconscious

No amount of positive thinking can eliminate the entire human collective subconscious energies and karma. Yet, there is a powerful tool in Universal Life Energy to purify the subconscious.

And there are many methods of contact: the Star Exercise, the Mental Contact and a specific one for subconscious purification, called Fertilization as shared in The Fundamental Principles Lesson 11.

Every time you purposefully contact Universal Life Energy you are engaging a Power of the Great Principle that creates worlds, constitutes, governs, sustains, pervades and contains everything! It harmonizes, corrects and eliminates imperfections on all planes, including mental and emotional.

Creating your own destiny

With continued practice and purification of the subconscious: “It is in your power to sow within you the seeds of whatever success your ambition may decree, and to realize the Success on the Plane of your Physical existence.” (Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principle of Science of Being, page 134.)

When we imagine and love what we want in our ambition and can experience the emotion of being in it Now we attract harmonious, constructive opportunities! We are engaging Mind and Heart coherence. And we are energizing the Law of Attraction and the Law of Demand and Supply.

Then we must act in concordance with our ambitions in the present moment with all the energies of Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Principle and Love. The more we do the more of the same we draw to ourselves. Thus acting we manifest the harmony of our ambitions!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

For more inspirations on controlling the subconscious to work for you, kindly use link:

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