Shouldn’t we be aggressive?

Photo PSLB

We all are searching and desire happiness. At the heart of it is we are searching for Love. We search for that special someone to fall in romantic love with. And when we do, we seem to float on air and see the world through rose colored glasses. 

Eventually we come back down to earth. 

And this is when aggressiveness and courage becomes a great benefit to us. …. kindly use link…We should be aggressive in this

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we be aggressive?

  1. What a great word – aggressive! The human in us thinks it’s a “bad” word because most of us only focus on the first definition. It’s the second definition that will get us everywhere – “pursuing one’s aims and interests forcefully.” We must be aggressive for Truth and Love when we face our subconscious, and when we face the so-called evil in the world!

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