Full power and Simple Methods to help alleviate what Pains Us

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When we are suffering we want it to stop. We look for a way out. But, in our desperation and mindlessness we can feed the pain with harmful thoughts, emotions and behaviors that backlash and causes us to suffer more.

Yet, there are some simple methods to help us better cope with what pains us without the backlash. 

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can invoke a relaxation and release response, circulating the lymph and removing toxins. It also oxygenates blood cells and charges them with Life Energy, promoting healing.

Add a visualization technique like the one as described in the Conscious Breath exercise to effectively ease chronic pain.  Such as back pain or mental suffering, like worry.

Relaxation AND SILENCE

We tend to tense up when we are in pain or even when we fear of pain, yet relaxation and silence can help ease or even relieve pain (physical or emotional)!

Sit in an upright, yet relaxed position with feet apart and hands cupped up on legs. Consciously release bodily tension and feel ease. Also let the brain relax. Sense rest and peace, gradually letting thoughts pass, entering into Silence which naturally opens you to the inflow of Universal Life Energy.

Mental Contact with Source

After a few moments of Relaxation and Silence make a conscious Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. And include Declarations of Truth like, “I am One with Universal Life Energy and All Harmony.”

 Realize you are One with Source that creates, constitutes, governs, sustains, pervades and contains everything. And anything is possible with Source and Infinite Harmony. 

Do not try to visualize the body’s diseased or injured organs or cells as perfect, rather go to the cause ….. and eliminate destructive thought and emotional energies ….. and the most destructive is fear. Silently state there is nothing to fear, rather Strength, Peace and Harmony are supreme.

There is no need to use will power or suggestion. Just leave it to Source.


Reach out to help others and hope for them happiness as you do for yourself. I’ve found this truly helps me face the situation with courage and opens my heart to compassion!

Live in the moment

Every obstacle in life is also an opportunity to evolve and harmonize our life and that of the world. Through our choices Now we build our future, and the FourSquare of Life, Intelligence, Truth and Love, is our greatest asset because It is the same qualities of Source.

When we live in the moment becoming conscious of our natural Harmony we are a Light in the world.

We are helping shrink the influence of the human subconscious ego, the source of our suffering.

In the hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:  

State silently that there is noting to fear, that Peace, Confidence, Strength and Harmony are supreme in the Body …

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 241.

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