4 easy mindful steps to turn painful, ugly feelings into an evolutionary benefit

Our feelings can get hurt and we may experience resentment, hatred and even violence. Yet, those painful, ugly feelings also have the seed of opportunity in them to help you make a quantum leap in consciousness with unlimited potential for joy!

Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you look up

“Pain is the teacher,” is an aphorism my spiritual teacher would use to help us awaken to the seduction of the subconscious pulling us into a dark, dark pit of self-pity when faced with what we perceived as unjust and terrible in our personal life. She would push us further down into the pit, until we would yell out in pain and finally question why, ‘why aren’t you helping me instead of making me feel even worst?’

The ego tries to divert attention from itself, our self-importance and pride, and blame someone or something else when faced with criticism or personal challenges. We automatically resist and fight because of conditioning and attachment to emotions of the past; afraid we’re not good enough. 

And, that’s when the leap can happen!

Suppressing hurt feelings only gives them a chance to grow unnoticed and return later, stronger than ever. Yet, there is an opportunity to rise above them. Trust that there is a great purpose in painful challenges for your evolutionary benefit!

Consider these applications when you are tempted to feel ugly, painful feelings:

#1. Take the path of least resistance

Consciously accept the moment as it is without struggling against it. This moment of ugly has a deep spiritual purpose. 

I find the sweet-spot within the moment by consciously recognizing the temptation to fight or feel sorry for myself. I become the detached witness or watcher within. And, I sincerely express gratitude for my Higher Self that I know is lead by Love. 

Gratitude frees you from the emotional attachments of the past. You do not require the approval of others, nor need to defend your position. Those that fight or attack are wounded, and searching for love and healing. 

This path of least resistance is the path of love and harmony. The path of least resistance to the Universe and the Law of Harmony. 

#2. Pause and relax

Breathe deeply and make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy to help harmonize yourself holistically. You are opening yourself to the help of the Eternal and Unconditional Love. 

#3.  Reach for Love

See yourself and others through the eyes of your spiritual heart, rather than the eyes of the world. Reach for the center of your heart, that sacred chamber of unconditional love and remain in the motivation of love without the need to defend your position or opinion. Relinquish control and Trust the Great Principle to handle the details. 

Release the past without blaming anyone, even yourself, or the situation. Those that stay in anger, guilt, resentment or fear are wounded, creating the present just like the past.

If you have made a mistake and stumbled, you can accept it as a mistake, learn from it and get up with optimism to continue in good faith. You have come up on the other side of it.

#4.  Seize the opportunity to build your happiness

BEing centered in unconditional love is essential before you release your desires and intentions in the creative womb of the universe. Your intention will be for the benefit of yourself and All mankind. 

Stay in the present moment working to fulfill your intent, while surrendering to the Great Principle to work out the details. You may never know the results, yet Trust in the Law of Harmony.

See love in others and yourself. And most of all: express love infused with enthusiasm, wisdom and sincerity in the moment.

You will feel yourself take a leap into Unlimited potential.

The ego finds fault. Your soul knows Love.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“When we stand for the Truth we know that we are one with the Great Truth. We have then irresistible and invincible Power with us because the Great Principle – God – is that One Truth.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35.

Photo: Malta 2017 PSLB

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2 emotional seductions that caress you daily and how to overcome them

There are two emotional seductions that caresses our subconscious to the point of total infatuation most every day. They hold us back from enjoying ordinary moments and experiencing other possibilities for creating genuine and lasting happiness. Yet, there are ways to free ourselves.

#1.  Everybody’s into it; me too!  

We like to be constantly busy, working, moving, doing anything to fill our time, otherwise we can feel guilty, lonely, lazy, crazy, wasting time. Everybody is doing something and the subconscious ego does not want to be left out! Or get bored!

I’ve had to become very conscious of how many times I pick up my phone to check texts, emails, FitBit. I am aware that tech can be helpful; a tool for information, communication and generally making life easier. I used it to write this entry. But, so many of us have become unconsciously addicted.

We tend to look down when we use tech, which gives us an indication of unconsciously relating to the sub-conscious ego and to the past. We are seduced emotionally, loosing our conscious awareness of the moment.

Your heart knows

To rise above the fear of being left out set tech aside and relate to your heart. Gently rest your hand over your heart and feel the warmth of your inner tenderness. Enter the Silence, listen and become conscious of your spiritual heart and the present moment. The beautiful thing is that your heart knows without a doubt the deep connection to the Source of everything.

 In that moment you accept life as it is. There is no seductive emotional desire to connect or make yourself busy because you have connected with all love, all beings, and their source through your inner love. And, you relax and let life unfold according to universal law, aware, observant, grateful for being part of That.

So next time you start to absently minded pick tech up, pause momentarily as described, and then live the moment to create a compassionate cause. 

#2.  Taking sides

We’re seduced not so much by the issues of politics, social , economic, religious and world affairs, rather by the emotions that are attached to the issues. Emotions predominately related to the past.

We are so attracted to and relate to like energy we join band wagons and form tribes. We mimic the rhetoric and propaganda to defend our position. And defending a position eats away our life energy, while adding weeds to the ego.

Critical thinking, logic and reason are thrown out of the mental process because those emotions associated with the past color our judgment. We see the world through the human perspective of duality. Good and bad. Right and left, blinding ourselves to other possibilities.

A blatant example

A current example is the U.S. feeling divided. Emotions run so high violence erupts. We say we deplore discrimination, but we’ve lost our ability to discriminate! We see problems rather than opportunities for building harmony.

It’s an obvious example of being motivated by fear rather than love, the human perspective of the law of duality. The same thing for religious jehads, many political, economic, social and personal agendas.

Take the opportunity

We get all fired up, wanting to defend our position. Yet, the Eternal creates opportunities for Harmony through us and issues. Rather than fight against lconsider the law of duality as the Law of Unity – everything blends and has a deep meaning and spiritual purpose.

So when your emotions start to flair up, become conscious of them. And, ask yourself if you are emotionally relating to the past. Has it triggered feelings of protest, anger, resentment from deep rooted fear and possibly hatred.

Be mindful and discriminate. Be conscious of your authentic powers and balance energy, intelligence, accuracy and Love in the moment, seeing in everyone and in everything opportunities to learn something that will help you evolve and enjoy life. And for those around you.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“We must be guided by the only Power that can show us Right, by Love, a deep, wide, unassuming feeling which is the foundation of Harmony throughout the whole Universe.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, page 229.

Photo: Valencia, Spain 2017 PSLB

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Meditation: Om; an esoteric projection reaching into the 4th Dimension

“Therefore with the pronunciation of ‘OM’ the acts of sacrifice, gift and austerity as laid down in the ordinances are always commenced by the knowers of the ETERNAL.”

The Bhagavad Gita, XII 23-24.

Om has been called the sound of the universe, but, Om is much more than a sound, as it a salutation to the ascending human being with spiritual, physical and mystical meanings. And, when projected with divine purpose will raise the energy of the individual to be more in harmony with the Absolute.

Om is a Sanskrit word with many levels of applications and meanings. Many of us are familiar with Om Mani Padme Hum which is considered a 6 syllable sentence meaning, “O the Jewel in the Lotus.”  Yet esoteric study states it is a 7 syllable sentence with 7 levels of meanings and applications. H.P. Blavatsky simplified its meaning as, “I am in thee and thou are in me.” Man’s indissoluble union with the Absolute or Universe.

Om or Aum, pronounced awm can be projected in one or more syllables or frequencies of energy. More accurately would be more levels rather than syllables as it is a continuous sound with higher frequencies of energy.  And, it has an effect that can transcend to other dimensions. 

An 1 syllable projection of Om as explained in The Bhagavad Gita: 

“All the gates closed, the mind confined in the heart, the life-breath fixed in his own head, concentrated by yoga, ‘Om!’ the one-syllabled ETERNAL, reciting, thinking up Me, he who goeth forth, abandoning the body, he goeth on the highest path.” 

The Bhagavad Gita, VIII 12-13.

In 2 levels/syllablesA-um, Matter and Spirit are one, or Man and the Absolute are one.

And, as 3 levels, Om represents Body, Mind and Soul of Man that is one in the Absolute.

Esoterically Om is symbolized with 4; the FourSquare. Man is in essence Spirit, one in the Absolute. Yet in this dimension and mental condition we separate our soul qualities into: Energy, Mind, Law, Love. 

Let us bring the esoteric power of Om into our very realistic, human life to help awaken ourselves to our soul, the Absolute within. And to refine our mental frequency, reaching into forth dimensional Love. 

Om, the Absolute within

1. Prepare

When I do this meditation I prepare by setting comfortably. Back straight like a string is pulling from the top of your head, knees slightly apart and feet flat on floor. Place hands cupped up on tights. Eyes closed or slightly open.

2. Deep breathes

Physically relax and begin breathing deeply with about 4 counts in, 4 counts hold, 4 counts exhale, 4 counts hold.

3. Make the Contact with Universal Life Energy

Become mentally silence; enter the Silence. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and feel it flowing through you, entering through your hands, top of your head and through root chakra. Begin to visualize blowing Lght on the Life Center, kundalini and let that energy rise up.

4. 1st level

In the beginning sound O (aw) from the depth of your diaphragm visualizing the kundalini as Light and Seat of your Soul. Blow Universal Life Energy, which I see as Light also, with that sound and energy of O (aw), onto your Life Center (kundalini). The sound though medium comes from deep within and my mouth is fairly open in a sphere shape. Having united with Universal Life Energy the sound waves in the air you are projecting is now a spiritual power. Feel the Power vibrate and light up in your root chakra.

5. 2nd level

As you move to the second level, my mouth is still in the shape of O though a smaller, more compact sphere. Feel the energy and Light move up to your heart. Let It rest there a few counts in a softer volume. Feel the Power vibrate in your heart chakra and let it brighten and purify your physical heart, your emotional heart, and your Spiritual Heart.

6. 3rd level

As you begin to close your mouth continue to complete the sound with m. And feel the energy and Light rise up through your throat and into your head as your tongue rests on the roof of your mouth.

Physically finish the sound while continuing to visualize and feel the energy continue to rise up and out through your crown chakra into the 8th chakra and 4th dimension.

7. Meditate between 

Rest and relax and concentrate on Spirit within. Focus on feeling and mentally merging with the Divine within yourself.

Continue with 3 more cycles for a total of 4 Om projections and meditation after each, remembering to keep inhales and exhales balanced. 

In the hope You and all humanity finds this meditation enlightening, PortiaSLB 

“This discourse on Universal Laws and Forces, given on the eve of the famous Battle of Kuru and on the battlefield itself, is preserved for posterity in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most beautiful and inspired records of all time.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 36.

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4 uninhibited ways to open yourself to unlimited potential

We have infinite potential BUT, and here’s the brakes –  ‘but’ we limit ourselves in an obscure way. Fortunately there are methods to un-limit your potential and become a force in nature! 

You are the pivotal point

 You are like a two-sided coin. On one side you are the observer of the universe and on the other side you shape the universe. The Source synchronizes you as observer and co-creator.

In a mysterious way the universe forms to the way you understand the meaning of life. Or, more accurately, you see the world through what you are mentally aware of and what you emotionally allow yourself to experience. We live primarily in the subconscious ego, limiting ourselves. 

If you think the world is a cruel place and full of suffering, then you shape your own life with that emotional attitude and expectation, creating challenges at every turn. That’s the view I seemed to have born with!

Fortunately the universe is compassionate. Things are always changing and we have opportunities to build a happier reality. For example, if you suddenly find love in your own life you are emotionally lifted and happy! You see the world through the eyes of love and life is beautiful!

If you define the meaning of life with religious beliefs, superstitions or atheistic attitude, then you can limit yourself in that particular tribe’s mindset and expectations, narrowing your vision of possibilities.

You are an unlimited, universal Being.  Consider these 4 uninhibited ways to open yourself to unlimited potential: 

#1 – The universe is in You

Consider the meaning of life includes everything and You have infinite potential! 

When you open your mind and emotions to see the potential for harmony in everything You are synchronizing your mind and emotions to higher realms of unconditional love, peace and harmony and literally refining yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. As you release negative energy like worry or feeling left out you open yourself to experience the pure energy of creativity in the universe and experience your part in that creativity, taking a more conscious role in shaping your reality. 

#2 – Experience yourself as a multi-dimensional Being

You may be an earthly being, yet you are a Ray of the Eternal simultaneously living in other realms you are as of yet aware.  There are physical, astral, mental, Buddhic and other planes.

I’ve experienced us as beings of Light where we cast no shadows, but on some levels we have dark spots in our bodies which have as yet been refined. And, the presence of other dimensional beings joining us in meditations like Transmitting Universal Life Energy and Love to the World.

Think of yourself as 50% Matter and 50% Spirit which will open you to mental expansion and awareness. You are a spiritual Being living in the Spiritual Plane in this moment.

#3 – The cause is the source of the effect

When you look to the cause rather than the effect it gives you freedom to shape your own reality consciously!

You’ll gain insight into yourself when you look to the cause of any effect, or to any possible effect when you are faced with a decision. A simple method I use is to ask myself if am I coming from tenderness or from fear.

You as a soul have an earthly body and living in the human concept of time, yet you are an eternal Being with the privilege of evolutionary unfoldment. Time is a very three dimensional, human concept, so always consider the big picture and long view.

#4 – Balance your male and female genders

Assert your Selfconsciousness.  

Being conscious and in the moment is your greatest opportunity for unlimited potential.  “I think therefore I am,” is the Self-consciousness beginning to assert itself in your life. Yet to take a leap in potential – be Self-conscious of working enthusiastically, using your intelligence, sincerity and loving consideration. You are balancing both your inner male and female genders, your mind and emotions, bringing your FourSquare soul qualities to the surface of your reality.

Especially be conscious of your spiritual Power. It is incredibility strong, yet tender. When you face trouble, never submit to wrong or weakness. Face it knowing the Eternal is helping you. Say something like, “I am one with the Eternal and with the help of the Eternal it is already overcomed.”

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“To remove a wrong do not try to rub away the shadow. Rather rub away the cause and the shadow disappears.”

“Spirit is the Soul of the Universe. Our Soul is the Spirit within us.”

Eugene Fersen

Photo PSLB Key West, FL 2017

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Meditation to consider: Regaining Harmony

To Love 2

Anything that comes to us, we can understand. It is our mind that is to be rebuilt and constructed to rise to higher and higher levels, to deeper and deeper understandings.

The more we listen to our Higher Self, our soul, the more we listen to Harmony. The more we listen to Harmony the more we understand and manifest harmony in our reality.

As humans we have lived for so long in the subconscious ego that we have become in a stupor and we ignore our Higher Self, our intuition and spiritual inspirations. The ego is always busy, constantly circling in mental monkey chatter dripping with unconscious fears. Those fears appear in our nightmares, in our personality and behaviors, being a major factor in our reality.

Try to regain harmony:  be still and listen. Breathe Light into your body. Relax into Silence. Experience Beauty in the moment and gradually rise into the vibrations of Love. The Law of Harmony helps You.

This sounds simple because it is, yet the subconscious ego will deny achieving harmony is possible, especially by simple means. Listen to your Soul!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The higher our rate of vibration, the better the Soul can manifest through us. The rate of vibration depends entirely on Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being

Photo: PSLB

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Your Destiny – 7 indications you are on the right path

Walking your destiny

#1 Things fall into place

Being conscious of being part of something greater than yourself, things fall into place. You listen to your intuitions and inspirations, knowing your Higher Self guides you.  

You feel expansion into more freedom, rather than clinging to a presumed safe, old self-image and habits. 

#2 You do whatever you do with passion

You find success in what you love to do. Not necessarily in society’s sense, but in the sense that you feel at peace and in harmony with body, mind and spirit. 

You are confident and fearless, feeling like you belong where you are. Rather than being a seeker, You already are the silent watcher within, integrating your inner world with your outer world. You have become conscious of the Divine Road you walk. 

#3 You learn from mistakes

If you make a mistake you get up and continue with an optimistic attitude. You are grateful for the wisdom to recognize a mistake and consider it an opportunity to reach up to that part of yourself that has chosen to learn from it.

You trust your connection to the Source, and if you face more challenges then you have insight to know that there is more to learn and experience. Or that you harbor doubt. You are Grateful for the compassion of the Source and unconditional Love.

 #4 You release traits that derail you

Passion brings to the surface all that you are: the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful. You are conscious of how you create your reality with your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. 

Seeing the opportunity to release negative energy and potential causes, you do not deny feelings like anger or impatience. It would be something hanging over you from the past. The silent witness within goes beyond those identities and you are no longer fixed into them.

#5 You are mindful

Mindful and in the moment, you silently listen and are aware.  You surrender in the moment; are free and true to yourSelf, sincere.  

You are not racing against the clock, nor wasting time procrastinating because there is always enough time according to your wants and needs.

#6 You co-create opportunities 

While paying attention to clues, you know that you must work, rely on yourself, body, mind and soul, to co-create with the Eternal a reality that is fulfilling and harmonious

You are conscious of the human mind being ruled by fate – the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma and you step forward with your best enthusiasm, intelligence, sincerity and love in what you do.  

At the same time, you know that in essence your destiny, through the workings of both the Law of Karma and the Law of Harmony, is the same – to evolve, to refine into finer and finer qualities into spiritual Harmony.

#7 You are committed to Love

You express love in your creative endeavors, which not only benefits you but also others.  And you are conscious of the unconditional Love and support of the Great Principle.

Being grateful for Love in your own life, you express your gratitude with goodwill and compassion for the world. You hope the best for others without expecting them to be the way you think they should be. In other words, you are nonjudgmental and love unconditionally.    

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Destiny never acts destructively. It is the Will of the Eternal. Fate does not violate this Law. It only interferes with men on Earth. No matter what wrong comes into our life, it is fate and not Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teaching in Science of Being, Voulume II, pp. 48-9.

Photos: PSLB  (Top photo – Key West, Florida August 2017)

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How should we fight evil in the world?

When things get really though in world affairs we can become entangled with the negativity and it can drag us down. It can also cause us to be more focused on our individual problems. We’ll look for advantages to sooth ourselves, but we can get trapped and stuck in our negative conditioning. So what should we do to help ourselves and the world?


We should not be blind to the evil in the world, rather we should be conscious and mindful of it without feeding it with more negative emotions. War on evil only feeds evil.

When we are forced to face challenging problems, everyone has negative aspects of the egotistic personality that can surface. We can be tempted to exhibit behaviors that are immature, unhelpful and even worst. Like become more afraid, worried, depressed, aggressive and even violent. 

Our individual problems are tied into the problems of the world, but others cannot face our problems for us. So we must begin by relying on ourselves.

You can truly help yourself and help all humanity by fighting to be more harmonious. By being aware of temptations, yet fighting to be more aware of your Four Square qualities of strength, intelligence, fairness and caring. And manifest those qualities to those around you and to the world. You create a more positive reality for yourself and the world!

Reliance on the Source

When we need to make a decision let us have faith that things will work out harmoniously according the Law of Harmony. In essence It is the Law of Unity. In earthy reality, things work out according to the laws of: Cause and effect, Polarity, Rhythm and Gender

We open ourselves to the protection of the Great Principle when we have faith and trust in the Source, in the Laws of the Universe.  Say and feel something like: “With the help of the Great Principle I have the power to meet the situation.”

Once you make your decision the Source will help you accelerate in that direction! And no matter if your decision is based in subconscious conditioning, conscious reasoning, or superconscious inspiration, the Law of Evolution will ultimately accelerate your awareness and spiritual unfoldment.

All paths ultimately further your evolution, even those that create a temporary downfall causing you to suffer. Unfortunately sometimes we have to hit bottom before we look up, which  resultes in more challenging conditions for yourself and those around you.

Making a decision

If you agonize or worry over your choices in making a decision it means you are being influenced by your conditioning from past experiences. You cling to the past and worry over the future outcome instead of living in the moment, listening to your Higher Self and letting life flow naturally.

Consider the process of making decisions an opportunity to open yourself to the Universe and ask for help. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy which opens you to tremendous help. Be reasonable and logical, but also listen to your intuition. It is the voice of your soul. And, remember you also have the help of unknown individuals around the world and of those in higher realms. 

Mindful spiritual journey

We live in these times of great spiritual opportunities to unfold because we are becoming more aware of the negative temptations of the ego and of evil in the world. This is when we should as observers observe in a detached manner with clarity yet without harsh judgment. Some of us choose more challenging paths of spiritual unfoldment. Yet, everyone is a spiritual being and on their spiritual journey.

Let us work take the opportunity to work on lifting ourselves up individually and manifest qualities of our heart, our spiritual heart. Let us be enthusiastic, intelligent, fair and have goodwill for ourselves and others. And, we will change the world!

I have best hope for peace in your creative endeavors now and always!

For more: Unexpected help in the creative fire! and Living a Conscious Heart.

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

“Others cannot do things for us. It is all so complicated, that in order to find a clear path out it, we should rely more and more on the Principle of the FourSquare. Try to unfold It in our own life, and in our relations to other people, and to the World.” 

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume II, page 78. 

Photo: PortiaSLB 2017

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10 Signs you are oblivious to the biggest problem that plagues you. And how in a strange way that problem is also a blessing

Though the ego is very convincing through conditioning and assumptions, there is also great opportunities. Here are 10 sure signs that you are oblivious to the most influential factor dominating your thinking, emotions and behaviors:

  1. You’ve become numb to the sights and sounds of human horrors repeated in media. Yet when you are alone and hear a bump in the night, thoughts of evil are born in your imagination. 
  2. Feelings of being left out and lonely can crop up every once in a while. You feel like you are obliged to please them, to make them laugh, smile, or somehow engaged, otherwise you feel unsatisfied.
  3. Arguing with your spouse or experiencing road rage, you feel stabs of angry and play the blame game, thinking they made me mad, frustrated or impatient.
  4. Your social status or lack thereof is defended by your influence, power, education, career, money, property and possessions.
  5. You complain about the weather, complain about your partner or children, and protest politics.  You can get frustrated if things are not done the way you think they should.
  6. You judge others without seeing them in yourself or yourself in them. And you justify this by thinking, “They’re so clueless, so cruel, so wrong, so privileged, so …”
  7. Experiencing ‘highs and lows’ by situations in your life or events in the news, you get anxious, worried, depressed or become delirious and entranced. You think you are a terrible person at times or have a hard time seeing anything good.
  8. Addictions overpower you and you feel powerless to do anything about them. You think, “Sure I may or may not be addicted to .… (sugar, drugs, sex, excitement), but  I’ll make an exception this one time, I need it this time because….I’m sick, I’m required to, I have nothing else, oh the hell with it, who gives a …”
  9. The world comes first and you just live in it. You think, I’m busy working and taking care of things that must be addressed. I have to do this before I can even consider anything else.”  
  10. And you haven’t a clue as to how you create your own reality. In fact you do not give it much thought at all and doubt your connection to the Source. 

The list above appears to be a subconscious ego bashing fest, yet attacking the subconscious ego is attacking yourself. We have been conditioned to blame the human ego for personal problems and global problems. But when we attack the subconscious ego, we feed it negative energy, making it grow even more. 

There is no issue other than the belief that there is a problem. 

Consider this: the problems you face now are problems only in your egotistic thinking!

Of course, we suffer terrible physical pain and emotional pain. So terrible that we’re consumed by it and even die. Yet even in death of the physical body there is another side of the same coin. Some of us create circumstances unconsciously that accelerate our evolutionary process through stressful circumstances, illnesses, death and dying. Most become more conscious and aware, reaching for harmony and peace.

We spend most of our time in the subconsciousness because we like to be entertained and dream of the future, while clinging to the conditioning and memories of the past. Thus we create our reality and challenges unconsciously in the present moment, believing them to be problems.

Can You mentally swallow this?

When things get tough, when you get stressed remember life is full of opportunities! Consciously create opportunities for your and others happiness. Remember to observe the thinker; be conscious of the ego in a detached manner. Then go to Silence. You are consciously returning to the Source and listening to your True Self, and then to back to Creation. And, you are consciously creating your reality in the moment. 

In the process of co-creating your physical reality, declare Truths about yourSelf: I am Strong, One with All Abundance, Intelligent, Sincere and Caring.

Mentally swallow and let those thoughts and energies seep into the subconscious ego. Eventually those energies return to your consciousness and you will become more aware of opportunities to create peace and goodwill in your physical reality moment to moment.

You can consciously fine-tune the subconscious by releasing those patterns that cause you to suffer like those listed above. And work to fill it with positive energies of love, caring and kindness which will grow and multiply returning to your consciousness and reality.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“When you subject it (subconsciousness) to the firm and intelligent control it needs you will find it only too ready to serve you.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 139. 

Photos: PSLB 2017

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Vacation: Are You avoiding your spiritual journey? 5 ways for it to be a catalyst

The first time I heard my spiritual teacher say something like a spiritual quest doesn’t include vacations and fun, it was hard for me to swallow. I assumed that it meant I shouldn’t go on holidays or enjoy traveling. Assuming is just one of the many ways the ego holds us in fear.

The deeper meaning of the teaching is that vacations are usually a means of avoiding being conscious of our spiritual journey; of working on our spiritual unfoldment, mental refinement and character building. We get caught up in going here and there, excitement and having fun; feeding the subconscious ego’s cravings for distraction rather looking at the root of what causes us stress and heart ache.

Yet there are ways your holidays and travels can be a real catalyst for becoming more cognitive of the Divine road you walk. Here are 5 ways:

#1 – What makes you tick?

 As soon as you awaken in the morning, remember to scan your consciousness to become aware of your intentions, thoughts and emotions.

Relax in your heart; connect and become intimate with yourself as a Divine Soul. And, welcome Energy, Wisdom, Truth and Love into your heart and life as aspects of Spirit and compassion of the Source. I do this before I even open my eyes!

Feel Universal Life Energy moving throughout your body, entering through the top of your head, your hands and every cell, cycling back to the universe. Being conscious of feeling the energy not only energizes and refreshes your mind and body, but also brings you to the present moment. And thus, you begin your morning by also being mindful.

#2 – A balancing act.

Vacationing is one of those things that evolves in the same pace that we do – when we are conscious, alert and present. 

Before all the other activities start, consider going outside and greeting the morning sun. Practice stretching, deep breathing and the Star Exercise. Everyone can join in. Children especially enjoy and benefit from this exercise, helping them become more Self aware and balanced in body, mind and emotions too.

# 3 – Return to stillness within continually. 

Vacation can be self-defeating without being attentive to being in the present moment. 

We do live in time, so we must organize and plan, yet observe the activity of your thoughts without getting snared. We can get mentally lost in compulsive thoughts, fear and feeling powerless because we believe we will miss out if we don’t go there and do that

Return to stillness within continually. You are returning to the Source and then into Creation. Returning to Spirit and then to Matter. This is a creative process and it can make a big difference in creating your reality! You are rising above the subconscious ego becoming conscious of your freedom. You can consciously align with constructive thoughts and emotions, while releasing fearful ones.   

#4 – Become conscious of inspiration.

Nature can inspire you. New places. Or other people can, because they are a reflection of yourself. You can learn from everything you encounter. It can be very inspiring and really boost your optimism! 

You may consider taking along an inspirational book or teaching to study briefly from to inspire you. Yet don’t stay there reading, because you can become preoccupied by reading rather than living consciously aware of creating your reality right now, in this moment.

# 5 – Reconnect with your authentic soul powers.

Return to Silence and make the Mental Contact to consciously connect with the Source and your soul just before falling asleep. Include constructive I am declarations of Truth with gratitude.

Like, “I am one with the Source reflecting all the same qualities of Strength, Wisdom, Truth and Love. I am Spirit and Matter in One. Thank You.” This also enters and grows in the subconscious as you sleep and will eventually return to your consciousness and your creative process, and thus your reality.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“An inexperienced life is a worthless life. Experience is not in hiding in a safe place but in seeking adventure.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings of Eugene Fersen, Volume I, page 345.

Photo: Thailand, PortiaSLB


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4 square reasons the Star Exercise is a spiritual lifeline

“I am One with Universal Life Energy. I feel It flowing through me now.”

#1 – Life

When you perform the Star Exercise You are contacting spiritual energy; UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY from the Source.  

You become a living magnetic! As Magnetic Energy Universal Life Energy energizes and refreshes every cell in your body, clears and balances your thinking, and lifts you into higher realms of soul awareness.

The physical element of the contact makes it easy. It works because it is based on the physical Law of Attraction. Your soul, heart and Life Center is attracting the LIFE ENERGY  from the Universe.

We are made of this energy, but we are unconscious of it and therefore do not derive as much benefit from it as we could. Since we made our original mistake on the mental level with ingratitude, impatience and ignorance, then we must reconnect mentally and an I am declaration of Truth used in addition to the physical position helps us open ourselves.

#2 – Light

You are bringing your presence to the essence of the Source and also contacting Universal Life Energy as Mental Vibrations. 

It lights you with finer frequencies of mental energies. And your thoughts become charged with this energy making them even more magnetic and they become Mind Force! 

You become more conscious, better able to discriminate and aware of your intuition. At the same time It shrinks the subconscious ego. 

A big bonus is when you focus on feeling the energy in your hand you become aware, conscious, and present in the moment. Mindful. Mindfulness stops the ego from circling in thought; stops the continuous monkey chatter, worry, guilt or depression. 

And for me, mindfulness enhances meditation and silence. I relax and become calm. Better able to meditate. I’ve become more mindful during the day and more understanding in my relationships.

At work you may notice that your focus improves and you have more stamina.

#3 – Liberty

As you become more mindful and conscious, you will discover that with discrimination you are freer. You begin to live more from the higher aspects of your heart lead by Love.

You see more opportunities for harmony, especially in mistakes. That is because you are aligning with the Universe, with the Laws of the Universe and with the harmony of the Source. You gradually align with harmony, not only through the energy, but also through the lingering mindfulness. 

More and more, as you gradually build on your consciousness and spiritual awakening, you create your own freedom in your reality. You create your physical, mental and especially emotional freedom. Freedom from worry, hurry and fear. The ego gets weaker as your unique, spiritual character strengthens. 

#4 – Love

You are also contacting Spiritual Energy direct from the Source. 

The soul vibrations refine your consciousness into what we may call Superconsciousness, and you become more conscious of your Self as a soul. You begin to balance all of your authentic soul powers of Strength, Wisdom, Sincerity and Love.

You begin to consciously balance yourself in the Universal Laws and align with them. You begin to experience The Laws of Gender, Cause and Effect, Polarity and Rhythm as the Law of Unity, Harmony. 


You may notice small changes at first, yet as you persevere and continue making the contact everyday you will experience big changes. I’ve found my spiritual practice deepen, become more inspiring, inclusive and loving. 

I had a very difficult young life. After performing the Star Exercise for 40 years, my life continues to blossom as a great blessing. I am so grateful for the energy, wisdom, inspirations and most of all Love. 

When I look back it seems I’ve experienced so much spiritual unfoldment, yet I know I’ve barely begun the adventure! I’ve had wonderful spiritual teachers for which I am also grateful. Everyone is my spiritual teacher and companion, including You.

In the present moment I know that my Higher Self and soul is my great guide and who I am.  It may be the same for You.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“And the mysterious sign, the Pentagram, becomes indeed a KEY TO ALL POWERS, as it unlocks and brings forth in Man all his latent powers and forces. It is when the human body takes the position as show in the diagrams following that the actual contact of the life energy within is made with the Universal Life energy without. And a man’s physical, mental, and emotional development will be thus stimulated by an ever increasing Force.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, pp. 64-5. 

Contacting Universal Life Energy

The Star Exercise

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