Start with this one thing! Going with the flow of harmony

Photo: dew on grass, PortiaSLB 2015

As busy and crazy our life can be there are moments of Harmony, completely. And we can find them, recognize them with a simple practice.

Start with one thing

Focus on one object in your presence and truly look at it. It may be a piece of furniture and the grain of wood. A soap bubble, a leaf, dew on grass. Focus your attention on it and observe its condition in the present moment.

Everything depends on your awareness; what you allow yourself to experience. So relax and observe.

Experience it; the depth of it. Surrender and completely accept what is.

Avoid labels and names which are concepts. Rather be open to the  connection with your state of being, with your awareness. Feel the solidity of it, yet also look deeper and perceive the space between. Perceive the spiritual significance of it. 

Everything within your circle of awareness has spiritual significance. Everything you perceive is a reflection of yourself. It is a reflection of your state of awareness and naturally has spiritual significance. 

Photo: PortiaSLB 2015

If you are observing a flower, there is meaning of the color of the flower, the shape, the texture, the fragrance. It doesn’t represent our egotistic concepts… rather the significance of it. 

 Use your physical senses, then close your eyes and get an inner sense of the  energy and your connection to it. 

In this moment it’s possible to be open to the softness, the gentleness of the rose in it’s texture and fragrance. And your  relationship to that tenderness because of your own tenderness. And the more you allow yourself to relax into your observation the more in harmony you flow, unnoticed. 

You begin to go with the flow of life and life energy. It becomes part of your awareness and part of you.  

The Beauty within that experience is compassion and harmony. You can feel it in your heart.

Now here is an important part of such an experience… and that is returning it; sending it out back into the universe and out to others. Living in the flow of Life with a conscious heart

Once we recognize and feel harmony and peace we can stay open to it. Consider placing your  hands over your heart and  holding it within, letting it spread throughout every cell in your body. Then open and send that peace out from you in an attitude of gratitude.

Hope peace for everyone and the world. You are flowing in the energy of Life that is wise and compassionate.  It flows continuously through us, and our opportunity is to allow our awareness of it. 

Developing new depths of insight

As we become more observant of the things, beings, and energies around us we begin to experience their significance and meanings in our life. Mental concepts and conditioning begins to dissolve and we see things more clearly.

Meditation  helps greatly in the discovery of continuous harmony that we normally ignore because of the egotistic mind. As you begin to experience harmony in meditation, you also will find spaces of harmony in your everyday life that you may have previously overlooked.

You are cutting through the ego and letting it go, but letting go of the ego can be a painful process. More about this to come with the help of the Great Law on the sister website: Science of Being; the further reaches of the spiritual road. 

Sure life is busy, yet we must remember and not wait for tomorrow to be aware because this very moment has spiritual implications. 

In the hope You find spiritual implications close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Interest responds to action, and action resides beneath the surface, not upon it. Therefore the more you develop OBSERVATION the more interesting, vital and cheerful life will appear to you.””

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 176.



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Awakening Spirit within

Norway beauty 2019

Norway beauty 2019; PSLB

No matter your spiritual path; be it religious, philosophical, yogic or self guided, Knowledge and long kept wisdom on how to contact and awaken the Power of the Absolute within you is available.

Universal Life Energy is your Life line to The Great Unknown! And when you contact It you are contacting the Source, God. The Star exercise, as taught in Science of Being, is a simple, physical direct contact with the Great Principle. The flow of Life Energy, prana, chi jump-starts your harmonization.

 Other simple practices are taught in Science of Being for your awakening and harmonization in this reality. Without religious connotations, without beliefs, without rituals.

Exercises like Relaxation and Silence with deep breathing mobilizes the flow of Universal Life Energy through the spinal column. This awakens the kundalini, harmonizing the chakras and other centers.

The Mental Contact is a simple mental exercise that can be done anytime, anyplace in your human reality to continue your process of mental intent to awaken.  

And the FourSquare practice gives you the knowledge and tools to create harmonious opportunities and karma. It brings consciousness of Love in the moment, manifesting Harmony Now. It is the most practical spiritual map for your everyday, every moment human life. It creates a clear path for your spiritual journey.  

And there are step by step conscious practices that are simple and direct to connect with your Heart and Soul.

The wisdom culminates in  the highest state of Harmony in our human state of consciousness, the Spiritual Contact.

Science of Being is the science of your Being and includes knowledge on how to  live in harmony with Universal Laws. Laws like Polarity, Rhythm, Attraction and Karma.

How to bring the Light of Wisdom and Love to mind and awaken to your Heart and higher realms of awareness.

And how to create opportunities for your own happiness, health and success.

In the hope of your conscious awakening to Love being close at hand, PortiaSLB

Rise through Inspiration into complete identity with It, shedding all consciousness of your limited Human Self, your human desire and aspirations.”

From the exercise SPIRITUALIZATION in The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, Eugene Fersen, page 408.


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This kind of love is of great benefit – a painful lesson my mother taught me! You can also benefit

“My Mother and I were physically separated when I was a child and she knew I cried about it. Divorce you see. 

She tried to comfort me, not with hugs and kisses, rather with a burning Heart of fire. She spoke with such sincerity and love that it impinged upon my own heart. She urged me to not be attached to her, as it would only make me unhappy. Rather live free of attachment to the desire for her physical presence, and know that I am loved. To be happy in the moment.

In the beginning it was a heavy cross to bear.”

The cross is a symbol of attachment to form, to idea, to habitual thought. We want what we want.  We want fear and hurt to leave us. We want to be happy. But we carry these heavy crosses, these hurtful emotions that burden us. 

I have found  the steps below to be so beneficial when we start to feel uncomfortable!

First, we must be conscious and aware of our thinking and emotions. Observe ourselves. And when uncomfortable feelings arise acknowledge the detached observer within. Let that state of detachment calm your emotions, by observing them. In this state you have already begun transforming yourself!

Second, make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy to further calm your emotions and aid your transformation. Look at the nature of feelings and treat them like a child. Name them especially if they are negative energies, like frustration, aggravation, jealousy, fear.

The third step is to breathe in the warmth of Love and Life Breath of the Universe. Let it swept through you, perceiving Its purifying shower of Light. Exhale the darkness of painful feelings, releasing them. Let them go and you will notice that you feel lighter.

The fourth step is to look for the cause of the painful feeling, remembering that no one can make you feel mad, sad or impatient. There is a reason within the subconscious ego that we can spot. That information will inspire you to know what to do to further your harmonization.

If that feeling arises again it will be easier to recognize, calm and release. If not immediately, then eventually the root cause will be exposed and can be pulled out. It can take practice, a lot of practice, but we can let horrible, sad, lonely, hatred emotions go.

And as we learn to let emotions go, be open and surrender to what is. Underneath change, the Power behind change is the Eternal, the Source. And as we align with the Source of Creation we also align with that Power of Intelligence and unconditional Love. Happiness and peace is revealed to our minds. 

We begin to flow in Creation more harmoniously. We’ve learned to discriminate and begin to initiate change through our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, actions

Meditation helps.

Then the symbol of the cross becomes a symbol of reaching for the Divine and Freedom, Love rather than a symbol of suffering and attachment to the dead past and subconscious ego. 

For a purification meditation kindly consider: Science of Being; The Further Reaches of the Spiritual road – What stands between you and enlightenment?

“As a child it is hard to let go of painful fear of not being good enough to be loved. I was fortunate in that my mother helped me detach from my desire for her comforting arms. Most children carry fear of not being lovable into adulthood. Yet, we can practice detachment and release of fear, and know that Love is eternal.

That deep in the Heart of us we Love unconditionally, as the Eternal does.”

We should face our painful feelings like my mother taught me and let them go. Transcend them, and embrace energies that feed our soul and happiness.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“A mental or emotional cross is as great as a material cross. We must include all those who tried to bring Knowledge Aflame with Love, who tried to help Humanity live a better and a freer life. Many such are known, but the greatest number is still unknown. They should be remembered tonight because they died for attempting to bring Light to their fellow Beings. They were Lightbearers, too.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teaching in Science of Being, Volume II, page 69. 

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The Heart chakra – the sacred Inner chamber

Wanting to rise up into Spiritual Light and Vibrations will not cause us to succeed. It takes more than desire, especially when desire comes from the subconscious ego rather than the purity of our heart. 

It requires purity of heart and mind; that is our mental intent is pure. We are unselfishly active, wise, honest and loving. And even then it comes from Grace; the will of the Absolute rather by human will. 

Even when we seem to crawl rather than fly we must continue to practice living purposefully, diligently and untiringly. We should practice being in the moment, aware of Spirit. Fully aware of manifesting enthusiasm, intelligence, truth and love. 

Most of us are left brain dominant or dominate mind rather than heart. And this is why we meditate. We calm the mind and join mind to heart, realizing that we Love. That we Love unconditionally as the Absolute Loves unconditionally.

When we mentally become silent and listen to our intuition it is our Superconsciousness. And our Superconsciousness is linked to our Spiritual Heart. Christ consciousness is rooted in the higher frequencies of the Heart chakra.

Our spiritual Heart has within it the sacred chamber where we meet the Absolute. Yet we must ask ourselves, our Higher selves, Superconsciousness how to enter.

We can experience the Spiritual contact in meditation with an attitude of unconditional Love, Faith, Trust and surrender of human will to Divine Will of the Absolute. Trying to force it to happen through human will has no benefit. The subconscious ego cannot enter the sacred chamber.

We must have a pure intent and purpose which cannot be faked or forced.

Slowly and gently we go into the night of the unknown, Trusting in the Absolute with the help of our breath and the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is the Life Force, Universal Life Energy, prana, chi, harmonizing our mind and bodies as we meditate. It is the first physical manifestation of the Absolute and we can consciously and physically contact IT. Universal Life Energy brings us closer and closer to contacting, reaching and being one with the Spiritual Power.

Yet we must also purify and lift the human mind with Wisdom and Love. To experience this is my hope for all of us.

Here’s how to begin:

If you are interested in more information on the practice of meditation and the contacts with the Source more can be added to this site and sibling sites.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The Super-consciousness is in human beings the direct Spiritual link between them and the Absolute. Through it human consciousness is connected with Cosmic Intelligence. It is the guardian angel referred to in different religions, who day and night beholds the Face of God.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 303.

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The value of Loyalty

“As I sit at the feet of the Masters I am coming to realize through heart consciousness teachings of Science of Being and the many others (as they are one) that our sincerest aim should be loyalty to Universal Law in all that we think, feel, behave and do. That way we build to our own freedom from the subconscious ego and the pain it causes us. We are able to enjoy our life in a natural state of calm and happiness.”

There is no separation between Law and Love of Law.

Our individual Loyalty to Law is manifested by our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and manifestations aligning with the Law of Spirit; the Law of Unity.

Energy, Mind, Law, Love, Spirit is ALL in ALL.

The same Law governs everything from the smallest electron to the greatest star.

Everything is vibration.

Mind learns the lesson of Love through loyalty to Universal Law of Unity. We rise our consciousness to unity with Spirit.

And we do that by manifesting in all we do – Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love.

This is naturally Spirit.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Reading this is an indication that you are ready

Even though we all live complicated human lives, we all are on our Spiritual journey! If you are reading this entry then it’s an indication that you are in the process of awakening to who you are! 

Life on earth is a great spiritual opportunity to purify our bodies, mind and emotions. Release the past, the old, the dead and embrace the present. To learn deep lessons, lift our consciousness, open our Hearts, and rise our frequencies.

Time is speeding up and there are opportunities all around us in every second to help us awaken and remember ourselves as Enlightened Beings Now!

Thinking that is only in some far off future time is the ego dreaming a dream to hold us fixed in it’s grip. 

Here are some of tools to help remember your enlightened nature:

1- Study Spiritual Wisdom that expands your conscious awareness.

I have found over the many years of studying and sharing the teachings of Science of Being that deeper and deeper understanding comes and old conditioning released. Practice of studying spiritual wisdom can gradually lift our consciousness when we let it sink into our subconscious and absorb it. Eventually the light of wisdom returns to our consciousness as Light and Love.

2- Think less.

We have grown a huge ego and subconscious that strives on thinking, over thinking and all the side issues we get tied up in. Silencing the thinking is essential for lifting our consciousness. Consider practicing   Relaxation and Silence…. then become the observer of the thinker.

Pause throughout your day and become silent. Observe body, mind and emotions. You can get insights and apply the spiritual lessons you’ve learned in the present to release concepts of self-identity, desires, and old wounds.  Contemplation, reflection, and meditation can help give us insights and deeper understands.

3- Connect with your Heart.

Your heart is your connection to multi-dimensions and to your Higher Self, Superconsciousness. Within your heart is that sacred chamber of The Eternal Unmanifest. If you let it, your Spiritual Heart will lead you to  ever-expanding awakenings, inspirations and Higher realms.

You can easily connect with the wisdom and Light of your Spiritual Heart by placing your hands over your physical heart, becoming silent and going within. Feel the Power of the Universe pumping into you and through you. 

Your heart is your Seat of Love and it helps you observe your thinking in a detached state. This will elevate your mind so you can listen to the guidance of your Superconsciousness firmly rooted in the higher frequencies and Light of your Heart. 

4-  Manifest your Heart and enlightened Mind in your life. 

Most of us get lost in the human world and become busy, busy with our work and family responsibilities.  Yet all of our responsibilities and challenges are stepping-stones to Higher realms! And those stepping-stones can become leaps that light up our minds and connect us with our hearts when we find the light within all our responsibilities and challenges.

Be grateful and express that gratitude in your actions and you will be circulating that light. As you circulate light you blend with All Light, awakening to your Unity with the eternal moment. You begin to transcend polarity and find that constant change is constant Unity. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

And consider the latest related entry on The Further Reaches of your Spiritual Journey: Things to sacrifice and embracing Unity

“It is time now to awaken ourselves as much as we can. We must be awakened to the increased smoke coming from the battle between our Superconsciousness and our subconsciousness. The battle rages usually on the mental plane, but affects the physical plane.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume I, page 159.

Photo: PSLB

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Today’s consideration of water and fear

Today’s consideration in your meditation or discrimination:

We are in the fluid world of change and we are given the opportunity to embrace it. Change is constant and eternal, a quality of Nature and the Absolute because everything is vibration. Change gives us the opportunity to learn, improve our conditions and state of happiness. A chance to evolve.

Yet many of us fear change, resent change, and want things to remain the same. Those that remain fixed will suffer as if their feet are frozen in ice.

Interestingly, water is a symbol of mind and a characteristic of water is change.  It moves and changes states. Ice can melt. Water can evaporate and rise into a finer state. 

Shouldn’t we embrace change and celebrate it when it lifts us? And if that change doesn’t lift us shouldn’t we examine ourselves to better understand why?

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

photo: PortiaSLB

“Subconsciousness is a solid piece of ice. The warm Rays of Love, will melt the ice.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer , page 75.

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Today’s consideration: You embarrassed?

Photo by Ambar Simpang on

Shadow energies make themselves known through our feelings. 

We don’t always know why we feel the way we feel. Yet, becoming conscious and observing our feelings in a detached matter can shed some light. And, bringing detached consciousness to embarrassed feelings may defuse negative energy.

In meditation or detached discrimination consider:  Is any embarrassment stemming from conditioning? Are subconscious ego beliefs dominating? Does the subconscious ego fear not being lovable? 

And next time you are tempted to get embarrassed consider stopping and connecting with your Heart. Place your hands over your physical heart. Your heart is your Seat of Love.  Feel the Love that You are. Let Love lead you in your awareness and feelings. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The World belongs to the conqueror, and the greatest conqueror is the one who conquers himself. We should see and sense all the wrong around us, but not be conquered by it.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings In Science of Being, Volume II, page 174.

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Today’s consideration of relationships

Kindly consider these quotes in your daily meditation or in your daily discrimination. 

“The relationship between two people, like a marriage, partnership, or friendship, is meant for the happiness and evolution of not only the two beings, but also the entire 🌎 world.

Cherish in gentleness your life partner or anyone in your life and it helps your and their Heart bloom…and us All!”

If you care to share your insights kindly leave a comment!  It’s appreciated.

“Spiritual Power is obtained only by those who honestly and unselfishly live a life of Activity, Intelligence, Truth, and Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 295. 

With Love and Light to You, PortiaSLB

Photo: PSLB Thailand 2018

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Pouty lips and spiritual possibilities

Stepping into the moment of Truth
Photo: Stepping in the Moment, PSLB 

When I was a little girl about 5 years old my mom took a snap shot of me sitting on the front steps of our house with my elbows on my knees and fists under my chin. I had a horrific pout on my face, with my lower lip sticking out so far that it practically covered my chin! My mom tried to get me out of that mood, but couldn’t. So instead she took a picture of me that way. At the time I was too stubborn being a victim to know the real reason she did it.

You always reveal the Truth 

We don’t always want to see things about ourselves that others do. Nor do we always WANT to free ourselves. The ego wants to cling to desires and the past, yet that attitude freezes us, making us blind to  present Harmony. We loose site of harmonious opportunities.

Becoming conscious of the Truth about ourselves, the good, the bad, the ugly, is a vital step on our spiritual journey and cooperation with Harmony. We become conscious of disharmony in order to release it. And we recognize Harmony within ourselves and the Universe in order to consciously unify ourselves with IT.  

When our thinking and attitude aligns with Harmony then it follows that our behaviors and conditions will also, through the Law of Unity. 

Conscious detachment includes:

1. Even when you are in a room full of people, pause within. Observe in a detached state your body language, facial expression, attitude, letting any self-judgments or concepts pass you by.

2. Observe your thinking and expectations in a detached state. Observe how you may have considered playing a role or expect others to be a certain way, letting them drift by. Let temptations of feeling left out, lonely, special or self-righteous drift by. 

3. Take a deep breath, breathing in the freshness and uncertainty of the moment. Feel that Life Energy enter your mind and thinking. Then exhale any preconceived ideas, releasing any desire for things to be different. Change is inevitable. 

4. Have friendly attitude, accepting the moment as it is. 

 Having a friendly attitude with the moment is Trusting Life and aligning with the Universe. You are consciously bringing love forward  in your thinking, letting Love and Harmony lead you in your infinite choices. 

5. Step into the Present Moment. And as you accept the moment, the gift of Life and Love in the moment, also circulate the gift of Life and Love back into the moment. 

What you give is what you receive. Hope the best for others.

Find that spot within your heart that feels grateful for Life and let it spread into the moment, blending with the Truth of what already is. Circulate and give to others and the Universe caring, appreciation, love and compassion.

I smile and feel the love in my heart, knowing my mother took a picture of that little kid pouting on the front porch steps so many, many years ago so I could see what she saw. So that I might grow out of that toxic attitude! Her Love is a manifestation of Universal Love and Harmony. And so is Love from your Spiritual Heart. It helps us all. 

To Love is natural. Pouty attitudes, resentment, self-righteousness is the past.  You can freely embrace the moment, and make choices that create a better reality for yourself … and the world. 

In the hope You find stepping into the moment an adventure, PortiaSLB

“The Soul, by the successive putting on and leaving off of its different bodies, creates more and more perfect vehicles for its expression, until it finally reaches a stage where its body becomes as perfect and indestructible as is the Soul itself.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 96. 



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