5 easy ways to turn a bad day around

1.  Move it!

Taking several deep breathes with equal inhales and exhales will release tension and anxiety. And stand up if possible, stretch and reach up your arms rotating to get things moving, with palms open to the universe! 

Walk to a different, or preferably a quite environment. Walking can disperse hormonal chemicals related to stress and even soothe neurons in the brain. Walking in nature is even better. Research has shown walking in nature decreases anxiety. Be aware of the grass, the sky, the rocks and trees, appreciating the colors, fragrances, sounds, textures and subtle tastes.

If stretching and walking is not possible change your body language. If you notice you are drooping with your head hanging down, sit upright with shoulders back indicating your strength. Look up and far in the distance, indicating your readiness to look forward.

2.  Change your story

Once you’ve changed your body language, now change the story you’ve been telling yourself. Pause in your thinking and mentally relax, becoming quiet, calm and the watcher of the thinker. Mentally observe your thinking and emotions releasing them as soon as you become conscious of them without judgment. Find the specific reason you labeled it as a bad day, then release it, preventing it from taking over your entire attitude.

If you’ve made a mistake then be grateful you are on the other side of it. Mentally look up to your Higher Self and briefly ask what you can do to harmonize a mistake, but if nothing comes to you then release that thought too. 

Recognize what is going right! List things that have been going right in your day and write them down as gratitude declarations. It helps to physically manifest gratitude in writing so it can penetrate the subconscious and plant positive thoughts and emotions to grow. They will resurface to your consciousness and the sooner the better!

3.  Get some perspective

Sharing a problem with someone that is willing to listen without harsh judgment helps lighten emotional loads. Seek out someone that is willing to listen and may be able to give you a different perspective. They may even help find solutions to issues.  

And help someone else that is experiencing a challenging day. It is a opportunity to bring forward in your consciousness caring and compassion, energizing love from your spiritual heart. You will be lightening the day for whom you help and yourself. 

4. Find a reason to smile!

Within a smile is gentleness, a quality of Love. Smiling has been shown to cause a quicker stress recovery. Even fake smiling can trigger neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in your system. And it may lead to realizing a reason to smile!

And you know what tickles your funny bone, so seek it out. Laughter is a form of release and can make you feel better about your day. You may even find something in your day that when you look back at it in the future it is funny.

Contacting Universal Life Energy

5. Breathe in Light of Universal Life Energy

If you feel bad then breathe in Light of Universal Life Energy (prana or chi) with the Star Exercise or Mental Contact and center It in your body. That breath of Light will help you release the grip of the subconscious, even those you may be unconscious of, and help you establish a sense of optimism.

#4 a sense of humor is so essential for happiness! When I asked someone what is their top way to turn a day around they said the number one way was to drop the kids over at the grandparents! Made me giggle!! Because I understand that logic! As a grandparent it most likely would turn the grandparents day around too!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The Cause is known by the Effect produced.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 249.

2 thoughts on “5 easy ways to turn a bad day around

  1. I smiled while reading this! I’ve been experiancing this exact attitude lately!
    I will feel something knawing at me making me get iratated in my emotions! Not knowing why and just going down down in a pissy mood!
    Then I started asking why? Why? And the deeper I go in my asking and looking I will see it’s a story I let go on in my subconscious that in closer inspection I see it is that??
    A lie! The more I’ve been doing this the better I feel Freedom, Gratitude, and Love!!!!
    Then I Smile and find the humor!!!! And let It Go!!!!
    Gratitude also for finding and looking at myself Four Squarely in Life Mind Truth and Love!!!!
    Thank You PSLB for expressing your insight and inspiration it helps me to express mine too! Thank you also for letting me have way to share my experiences on here!
    It gives me Courage to keep unfolding and opening up to my Higher Self!!!!
    Always Love, MRLB

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