Mindful Silence

Enter the Silence in order to

release mental tension.

You will get a glimpse into your own mind.

Listening is a quality of Love, an inner feminine gender.

The ego likes to talk rather than listen and gets caught up in ‘monkey chatter.”

Yet, when we are conscious we can live in the moment. Be silent and enjoy life now, releasing the urge to jump into the monkey chatter thinking about what we have to do next or what just happened!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“On Conscious Self is in a peculiar situation. On the one side we receive wisdom from our Higher Self. On the other side we receive foolishness from our subconsciousness.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume 1, page 142.

Photo: fog on the lake, 2016


3 thoughts on “Mindful Silence

  1. Oh, the titter totter between foolishness and wisdom…Oh, that we would know what to say…to know what not to say at the tempting moment…and then there is the monkey the chatter…what I do best when I’m nervous…I could circles about buttons, the wind pushing the water, and how the last lentil soup tasted…
    I love the quiet…the calm…and it is my best memory of home…In fact, I remember the sound of pages turning…as my parents and I sat and read…It was a welcoming quiet…In retrospect…we were respectful not to break the silence…I don’t know how they did it…
    Lovely post…Thank you, Portia.

  2. Oh this is so true! I’ve been working on this and have not mastered it yet, but feel the difference and calmness, when I keep my mouth closed and listen! Such a difference in my relationships with other people more respect for them and learn more! Plus more respect for myself by being a true Friend and listening! Thank you for sharing PortiaLB
    Always Love, MRLB

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