When You Love

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Love is our true protection.

Being conscious of Love gives us a perspective of the way our mind works and we can get a view of others too. And, we can see impatience, frustration, anger, hatred in others and how we may have been tempted to response in same at one time. Yet, with unconditional Love the negative energy doesn’t touch us and we have compassion for the one that directed their fear to us. And, we are grateful to know Love.

That Love touches the other person if they are consciously aware of it or not and some healing and harmony comes about.

We shouldn’t tolerate abuse, including mental and emotional, and walk away from it when we can. Others can help us and our Inner strength and Love will help put it behind us mentally and emotionally, so we can face life with optimism. Universal Law is always just and principled, thus our choice for Love will create more Love and harmony in our reality. And, those that fear and are angry, hateful and jealous will attract more negative energy.

Yet, remember there are times when such a person that fears and hates will be attracted to those that Love unconditionally because they are seeking a way, a path, a person to help them to also release the hurt and fear that they feel. And, a person that Loves unconditionally can help them do that.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Consider this quote to reflect upon:
“Self discipline is of the Corner of Love.”
Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 98.
Photo: orchids in Thailand



3 thoughts on “When You Love

  1. This is the greatest lesson there is…I have done this with great success! And have also failed!

    I have hope in knowing the Law of Truth in action. I have proved to myself The Law of Love Harmonizes everything! It’s not letting the negative win and have its way with our emotions; it’s over coming the human negative emotions to find compassion and peace within that helps guard us from without!

    Thank You for this inspiration Love,
    Love Always, MRLB

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