Healing treatments

Health and happiness is the goal of us all and we are now becoming conscious that we are responsible for both. What we think, feel and do all determine our well being and success in life.

The purpose of Science of Being is to help all of us achieve Freedom, Strength, and Happiness. Thus this week we are exploring one of the greatest assets in our hands …… and that is to help us heal ourselves when we succumb to illnesses, physical or mental.

Here is an expert of the Companion lesson 17 in 27 Lessons in Science of Being …. kindly consider the link and joining us in this revealing series of lessons with steps to help us achieve all that we desire in life:

All illnesses are rooted in the human mind, thus start with a Mental treatment. Make the Mental Contact and get to the root of the problem by being open to recognizing the cause rooted in the subconscious ego. Let it flow through you, then fade. Allow Universal Life Energy to do Its work by penetrating and expelling the negative from the subconscious according to Universal Law without personal will power.

“Silently state that there is nothing to fear, that Peace, Confidence, Strength and Harmony are supreme in the Body under your ministrations.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles in Science of Being, page 241.

And realize that Harmony and happiness is our natural state. You are being a channel for the patience to reconnect with their Higher Self and Universal Life Energy which does the healing.

For the Magnetic treatment I direct the Energy to the physical body, including any specific area as needed ….. without willing healing or transformed tissue. Depend on the Will of the Father and Universal Life Energy to work according to Universal Law, and Trust in That.

Kindly keep in mind that these lessons are arranged in gradual depth, so if you are just joining us or just starting your journey in Science of. Being start with Lesson 1 and build up.

Remember I am available for questions or comments too….. just leave a message in the comment box and I will get back with the help of the Great All.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

2 thoughts on “Healing treatments

  1. Wooh! Thank You for adding to the Wisdom. So well said and appreciated, presenting it in a very realistic understanding….. and that’s what we need …… understanding that is useful and applicable in our everyday life.
    In Light and With Light, PortiaSLB

  2. Oh this lesson 17 is wonderful!!!!
    And you really cover the True meaning and
    essence of it!
    I used to get real touchy, not so happy feelings,
    when I was called out on some rotten ego traits
    I had!
    It seems funny, ridiculous and ignorant!
    But I’m so glad it does now!
    There’s endless lessons to be learned in the
    Trash can of the subconscious!

    Thanks to The Great Law to supply everything
    We need to straighten ourselves up!!!!
    To heal ourselves in any way if we open up our
    Minds and want too!
    We should be joyful for the getting up
    No matter how hard it can be!
    Everything that’s bad in our lives
    Is because we aloud it to happen!
    That statement right there really
    Made me angry back in my younger years!
    I see so much clearer now of my causes and effects.
    I can see it in others I care about and my gut
    Quick response is to rub their noses in the subconscious
    But You can only do so much! That person has to
    Want to get better! So we beat and beat our
    Heads against the wall of Harmony!
    It requires work, mental, physical and Spiritual
    Understanding! We have everything within
    Our reach to be happy! It requires work!
    But it’s the best job you’ll ever have!
    We have to heal ourselves starting with Mind!
    Science of Being leads the way as told in this lesson 17.
    There is no reason to stay in the muckynous
    Of feelings of trouble, angst, and depression!
    I know because I’ve experienced Universal Life Energy
    Flowing through me and all around myself!
    This is a very powerful lesson! What have you
    Got to loose?
    Always Love,

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