Your Money Power

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You’re made of the same Power as money …..Universal Life Energy! When we perceive money as it truly is …… an energy ….. it makes it so much easier to align with.

When we express and give to the world our own Inner Wealth ….. our FourSquare soul qualities in everything we do, we are aligning with the same Power ….. the same energy.

But, many of us are conditioned and programmed mentally to lack

It’s happened to so many of us ….. including myself, having been born into a struggling, financial situation. Money wasn’t considered the source of all evil, but there were expectations of hard, long hours of work with little to show for it.

Imagining lots of money, doesn’t necessarily attract more money to us because we may be programmed to lack. Lacking programming can hold us back unconsciously from flowing in Abundance.

Practices to flow in money energy

  • When you do pay for anything, services or goods, feel good about it ….. grateful that someone is able to do the service or make the goods. Give willingly, lovingly and happily. Have an attitude that you flow in the abundance of money ….. you give and you receive. It’s all good in money exchange and the Law of Compensation.

For more: Your Money Power – Lesson 16 of 27 Lessons in Science of Being

And remember, with Love in your heart, you get receive the greatest benefit from any energy.

In the hope You find your Inner Powers within, PortiaSLB

“True Giving is: A spontaneous and joyous expression from the heart, born of super-abundance of Wealth within and entirely above any sense of duty or any expectation of recompense.”

Eugene Fersen, 27 Lessons in Science of Being, page 380.

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