Calming the turbulent tempest; Fear of Terrorists, Part 2

The raging storm of terror that is generated by hatred, fear and self-righteousness is also unconsciously fed by associated fear-based traits like worry, prejudice, impatience, pride and ignorance. An impersonal analysis of the situation can help us calm the turbulent tempest in our thinking, free us to be in the moment, and with the help of the Eternal begin to enact inner peace.

image, Stuart Miles

Unconscious of fear

Terrorists use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously cover up their own fear and to abet hatred. We don’t know what terrorists as individuals have been through to get this way, yet terrorism is an attention-getter that is really a cry for love. It is the ego that doesn’t know how to cope with the stress of change and is afraid.

Being conditioned, they have cut off reasoning and consciousness. Their egos feel threatened and powerless, so in trying to empower their egos they fall further into hatred with a responsive belief that they are doing the right thing. With so much negative energy circling they become a slave to it.

 It is the fall of mind. In self-righteous, fear and guilt they lose their empathy for others.

The fear boomerang

People join terrorist out of fear. Wanting their cause to grow, terrorists use negative energy to attract others. And it works. An individual’s fear and guilt for not meeting the desires of self-righteousness, can be attracted to the terrorists’ group fear energy. Fear attracts more negative energy.

It does not stop there because that fearful energy boomerangs back to the originators, burgeoning, attracting what they fear – retaliatory attacks and subjugation. It terrorizes them to the point of desperation and thus they attack again. 

The energy builds as it circles the human mental atmosphere. Fear cycles, boomerangs round and round, growing world-wide, attacking anyone that unconsciously feeds it with worry, prejudice, antagonism or other fear-based traits. 

All this because of doubt. As discussed in Part 1, we experience fear because we doubt our connection to and the support of the Great Principle. We feel separate from each other and the Great All, forgetting our unity.  

Raise above doubt

Let us be brave and remember that we have the support of the Eternal, and enact unconditional Love instead of fear within ourselves, our heart. That we are conscious and aware of those individuals that fear and hate, yet they know not that they hurt themselves.

Just like a child that hits its mother. What does a mother do? She holds them, tight to her heart so the child doesn’t hit, until they return to their natural condition and consciousness. It is an attitude of unconditional Love. This can help us all to face the situation with courage, while not tolerating hatred, prejudice and egotistic self-righteousness.  

Also consider these methods to return to calm and concordant thinking:

  • Exercises like the Radiant Heart and the Mental Contact to surround yourself in unconditional Love. It is a protection. Fear does not exist in Love.
  • And remember, by being mindful and in the moment we live now. Our thoughts turn away from fear. We interrupt dwelling in negative energy. We let go of resentment and trying to get back at others, knowing that holding on weakens us.
  • And, we can turn towards the creative aspect in our thinking, in our speech, attitude and actions. Positive creativity builds our inner happiness and joy. Your individual positive creativity can take infinite forms from helping others, the arts, physical sports, exercise, dance, to just being silent. 

In the hope You find Love and Peace close at hand, Portia SLB

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We should not say we are alone. We are not. We should rise above it and say, ‘I have within me the Sword of Truth, my helmet is the Inspiration from above.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume 2, page 124.

Consider sharing your insights, questions and comments! 

2 thoughts on “Calming the turbulent tempest; Fear of Terrorists, Part 2

  1. Yes Dear, yet those that are drowned in fear do not know we are crying for love because they have lost their authentic power of consciousness. In self-righteousness the ego is supreme – the subconscious that does not discriminate. The ego doesn’t know it is ignorant!

    Every soul chooses their own path and are responsible for their selves and the Great Principle and the soul will take the path to justice through Universal Law. We have the opportunity to stand firm in Truth and unconditional Love.
    I appreciate your thoughts and send You and humanity Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. The quote speaks to my heart.
    Humans who live in a country where the libraries are filled with books offering the power of all the minds on shelves available for all to read, and can literally get a job in any of the fifty states in America, is not at a disadvantage. Christian churches of all denominations can be visited to hear the word of God, and allow discernment to lead one to another and as many as the spirit deems necessary to be filled with love and peace. There are communities with pockets of multiple interests and opportunities for people to give and grow. Here people can defend one another and themselves and rely on the police force to assist in dire situations. That’s the country I know.
    I have known incredible fear, and the ever yearning to belong has never left me, but there is no fiber in my body, heart, or soul that can comprehend the irrationality of planning and executing the killings of innocent people.
    It is not a cry for love. It is an invitation for the hopeless to join the evil of destruction. The hopelessness marks the absence of awe, admiration, respect, and honor for a loving God Who lent us the opportunity to live. There is no way a person could amass the tragic slaughter while having a family without being void of the mindfulness of gratitude. Terrorists have no soul fulness.
    The only way we can help is to be firm of the values that dispel all darkness. The Golden Rules or the Ten Commandments do simply and clearly identify a way to live in peace throughout the world.
    Thank you and blessings.

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