Light from the heart?

clemitis 2016Hatred is a perversion of Love. And, it is an absence of light in consciousness. Someone that is attracted to hatred is limited consciously. And, once they are immersed in hatred it begins to feel normal to them. Yet, hatred causes us all to suffer. 

Hatred is coming to our world consciousness through the media and personal experiences because of terrorism and tragic acts of violence. And, being conscious of hatred can be the beginning of understanding of what hatred is, what is the result and what we can do to help bring light.

From the heart

Hatred is the absence of Light, the Light of consciousness. And, the Light of consciousness is wisdom dominated by Love. Not a limited love or limited consciousness. Rather a creative, intelligent, principled and energetic love. Love is not a passive energy, rather an active, creative energy.

To me, the personal me, I find it difficult to forgive myself when I realize I am impatient, resentful, or anxious. I realize I’m resentful because of deeper feelings of fearful energy from within myself and from others. And, this can be true of many of us because of our upbringing and conditioning. 

However, I aim to release hatred not only because because I reach for the authentic power of my soul, but because it is logical. Hatred causes us all to suffer. When one person experiences hatred, it affects another person, and another, until each of us is affected.

How can we forgive when we hate and hurt so much?

In order to release hatred, we find the tenderness in our heart and forgive ourselves. We begin by being mindful and love ourselves. 

Forgiveness, or rather I call it release, is an expression of Love. Forgiveness is a releasing of our inner negativity, negative energy. We can choose to learn from the experience of hatred, yet not cling to the emotional baggage. When we release there is no regret, guilt or resentment because we release our attachment to all the associated emotions too.

A Zen question

We should do our best to protect ourselves and others from hatred. I feel in my bones and soul that we will all reach the Light of our soul and become the enlightened beings that we already are, yet have forgotten. Yet, we have to work for it, to consciously know ourselves and consciously express the best of ourselves, the tenderness of our heart. And help each other.

There is always help for us.  There are other beings of Light on earth, in other dimensions and the Eternal is helping us return to Harmony, Home. 

We can contact a higher help in Universal Life Energy, which can help harmonize what we are unconscious of! Oh! There’s an answer to a Zen question – How can we harmonize something within that we are unconscious of?

  In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo from my garden 2016.

Your insights and comments are welcomed! Remember they could also help someone else, even if it is a question you already know the answer to! 

“The more you hate the more hateful you are yourself; the more contemptuous you feel, the more contemptible you are. If you are indignant about something, that something is in you.”

Eugene Fersen, “The Teacher,” Volume 1, page 58.

5 thoughts on “Light from the heart?

  1. Yes, of course I’m interested! The mind is our great gift and our inner sleeping giant. Thank You for reaching out and the encouragement. With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. Thanks for this post, we need these kinds of discussions. You may be interested, I am planning a post looking at the nuances of attention, awareness, concentration, consciousness and perception. Sounds a mouthful but hopefully will be non academic and jargon low. Keep posting.

  3. Thank You, Grateful to understand this!! Your photo of the flower is magnificent! And brings love
    out of me!

  4. This leaves me wanting to give you a hug, Portia.
    Yes, I agree with 99% of all, may be 100%…
    I am not in sink with the media expounding hatred. I welcome information because I am free from hatred. Ican house the horrible truth because I am filled with compassion and love. I have forgiven the unforgivable within my own, immediate world. Therefore, like you, I strive to overcome impatience, resentfulness, and anxiousness…I love that you call forgiveness a release as an expression of love…
    God bless you…I am filled by these wonderful thoughts I too dwell in…The validation gives me not only hope, but fulfills my need to hold on to the vision.
    Thank you.

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