Santa Claus is a lie! A liberating lesson about false beliefs in any system


When I first heard those words from my spiritual teacher, “Santa Claus is a lie,” I was shocked even though I knew it was true! The truth sank into my core, and I  was finally free of the illusion and all the stress, obligations and expectations that accompanied it. 

As adults we experience the stress of doubt in our spiritual life without consciously knowing the reason. Lies and illusions can spread to include distrust of ourselves, our inner knowing, and even prompt us to make accusations against others in our self-righteousness unless we take steps to change. 

Traditional lies

During our childhood we are taught to believe in traditions, even false ones, but eventually we learn the truth. We learn that people lie to us, blindly believing it is a good thing to do.

Though we are all reaching for Love, we may feel like we need something to believe in to make us happy and feel like we are part of something. 

Dream the dream of illusion

A great fear of ours is to be left out! That fear of being left out and the desire to belong feeds the subconscious ego and we blindly become ‘followers.’ This can lead to misunderstanding, doubt, impatience, anger and hatred because we can become self-righteousness. We see so much of this in our world. 

We can invest so much emotional expectations in a blind belief that when those expectations are not met we experience stress and heartache. And, until we face and reveal to ourselves the cause of our stress, doubt and pain, we will continue to dream the dream of illusion. And, we will continue to experience the pressure, expectations and obligations accompanying it. 

Liberation comes through conscious awareness and Love

Until we consciously awaken, question, discriminate and listen to our inner Love and guidance, we will accept every belief, superstition  and prejudice without discrimination. 

How do you even begin to listen to your inner guidance? Follow your feelings, your emotions, to their source. The true reason back of them. 

When you consciously experience your emotions you can sense a problem and ask yourself questions as to why you feel that way. Expand your consciousness and open to the tenderness of your heart. And, your Higher Self and your connection to your sacred heart center will lead you to the answer. 

Such insights and inspirations are messages from your soul. And, we all have additional help, including from greater realms of Harmony and the Great Principle. 

And, live in the moment. When you mentally focus on your body in your surroundings then you can focus on your inner presence and be grateful for so much you may take for granted. 

Truth or consequences

The way you respond to conditions in life determines the way you evolve. It determines your power, health, success and happiness. You can be conscious of creating in the Light of Love or circle unconsciously in the consequences in the action of karma.

But, even the path of pain, stress and doubt can lead us through the lesson to love and compassion. When we’ve suffered enough we will look for the reason why and do something about it.  

Being free of a false belief opens you to be conscious of the Light of Love. It releases you from expectations, obligations and the mass dream. A burden lifted off your back!

All lessons lead us to remember Love eventually,

which is the base of unconditional Love.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Let us lift our eyes from this increasing darkness to the pure Light of Knowledge, aflame with Love – that bright Star on the firmament of Life, which is heralding now to mankind, the Dawn of a New Day, the Day of Spiritual Regeneration, which is to bring to man lasting Justice, Peace and Happiness.” 

Eugene Fersen

Consider watching a 3 minute video on how the modern Santa Clause was derived:

Upper most photo: 2015

3 thoughts on “Santa Claus is a lie! A liberating lesson about false beliefs in any system

  1. Santa Claus is a lie, it makes no sense to be appalled by the truth. Saying Santa Claus is a lie is not an attack on the warm family memories that many (but not all) have of this ‘most wonderful time of the year’. At the root of most myths and legends is a kernel of truth. St Nicholas did indeed exist and according to history, he was generous with gifts – but he is not the Santa Claus we know today. There are many, MANY, traditions that are celebrated during the winter months. Santa Claus does not have a corner on the market, despite advertisers’ best efforts. As for a special day set aside to honor the birth of Jesus, again, we do not even know when he was born. The early Christian church did not celebrate his birth until several hundred years after his death. So perhaps it would be better to celebrate Christ Consciousness every day. Do not confine it to one day a year and dress it up with presents and other ‘holiday cheer’. That said, there is value in coming together with family and friends to celebrate – it is healing to be with people and experience love, peace, joy and gratitude. There is no need to pollute those emotions with lies from the past.

  2. I am appalled by anyone attacking the sweet tradition of children being told Santa is coming…that he brings gifts…that he wears a red suit and has a long, white beard…It may not have been the first letter I wrote since I was expected to write to grandparents across an ocean my parents crossed to flee communism. Oh, yes, the very ones steeped in atheism, a philosophy that encouraged division, skepticism, and immorality.
    I just knew that St. Nicholas was a caring, giving philanthropist whose name the Eastern Christian Orthodox believers celebrated on December 6th, just before the arrival of Santa Claus on December 25th. They were traditions that brought everyone laughter and certainly no cause to be called lies, or be harbingers of distrust.
    The hypocrisy of the ones with such an incomplete education is maddening, and certainly creates discontentment at a time when the sages honored LOVE, PEACE, JOY in the spirit of music, art, literature, and culinary treats.
    The Ten Commandments would take care of all the other passions disturbing the souls and psychics of nonbelievers. The Golden Rules sort of set the boundaries of community living. As I have so often quoted my bumper sticker, world peace begins at home. The homes that celebrated the real spirit of Christmas need not be stirred with hatred and real lies that take away one’s sensitive, delicate desire to have a special day set aside to honor the King of kings, a child that too received three gifts.
    Poland is the only country in Europe that has withstood the attacks on families of faith. I feel so blessed to have cherished the love incarnate on earth by the Son of God. I trust His Jewish upbringing to have been the corner stone still standing. Christmas bursts with its festive spirit, and Santa Claus exists to lighten and brighten cheerfully the urchins. It is in the spirit of giving what we can, and of receiving the most important gift of all: time.

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