The Invisible Realm


cat tail on lake refined

The Invisible Realm

Warm summer day, beauty abounds, elementals dance among the leaves,

More in nature than air, water, cattails and trees, much more to perceive,

Human reality beyond five senses awakens to invisible realm, does conceive,

Nature’s sweet music not for ears, heralds Spirits of Light that interweave

With loving hearts, understanding minds, open arms willing and ready to receive.


In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

About Science of Being

Science of Being is the science of your being and reveals the means and methods to manifest success in the physical world and contact the source of All Power. It is a harmonious blending of Wisdom and science that support and explain each other. And addresses the Big Questions like ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘How can I contact God?’ It is also practical in very realistic ways by helping you answer: ‘Why do I experience problems? How can I achieve happiness in my life now?’ ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’
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4 Responses to The Invisible Realm

  1. MelissaLB says:

    I Love this! You help me remember that I have a purpose in Life that’s important!

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