There are 2 questions we can ask ourselves to simplify things

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One thought leads to other thoughts, leading to heightened emotions in stressful situations. Self-Analysis is one of the most beneficial practices on a spiritual journey because we are going deeper within conscious awareness to observe manifested mind …. come to understand ourselves ….. and be on the leading edge of  creating our own destiny.

The human subconscious ego doesn’t like to release any thought ….. it wants to follow the story ….. and thrives on drama! Our Higher Self always allows Love to lead ….. and we are able to consciously do this too.

There are 2 questions we can ask ourselves to simplify things:

#1 Is this thought beneficial?     

  •  Is it optimistic? Uplighting? Dismal? Oppressive?
  • Constructive? Leading to opportunities for happiness?
  • Inspiring? Encouraging? Insightful?

#2 – Where does this thought lead?

  • Does it lead to more negative, unhelpful thoughts …. possibility creating some harmful, fearful effects?
  • Or lead to more positive, useful thoughts that can create positive, constructive effects in reality? Is it calming, giving an insightful perspective ….?
  • Does it lead to negative feelings, attitudes, or moods?  Leading to anxiety, worry, jealousy ….. ?
  • Or to uplifting, joyful attitudes? Does have an atmosphere of humor? Enjoyment, confidence, happiness ….?

Such as …

Harsh judgment is a red flag …. a danger …. because of where it can lead. If I am tempted to judge someone as treating me unjustly, I focus inward rather than outward towards the other person.

It’s about what I will allow and my intent to create a happy reality for myself …. and others. I intent to start a positive cause …. get out ahead of any negative temptation.

I come to consciously realize that …. it was an unhelpful thought …. and it could very easily lead to more unhelpful thoughts ….. and emotions like resentment, revenge and even hatred.

Such judgment comes from fear ….. draws from fear within the subconscious ego.

I say to myself, “I reject inner thoughts of harsh judgment. Negative judgments are powerless to infect any other thoughts of fear!”

An amazing transformation can overcome you at this stage of your intent! I am no longer tempted to fear. Love is freed from the walls of the ego and attracts all that can assist me. I focus consciousness on positive, constructive thoughts and cohere thoughts with uplifting emotions and attitudes ….

Love becomes a motivating power …. an magnet attracting more of the same energies. It is living. the Law of Love ,,,, the Law of Attraction.

Yet there is a deeper value in Self-Analysis.

For more consider:

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The cause of Fear in most cases, especially with human beings, is ignorance.”

Eugene Fersen, Lesson 12 in 27 Lessons in Science of Being, page 259.

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