Why wouldn’t we get what we want so badly?

Photo PSLB 

Most of us believe if we were beautiful, thin or rich then we would be acceptable, be liked, be loved ….  and be happy …. we would get that ideal partner ….. that perfect job, etc. So we might start trying to improve outward, on the physical plane…. but still we may not start to improve inward, on the mental and emotional planes to harmonize our thoughts and attitudes.

Eventually we may give up ….

thinking it’s too complicated …. because even when we do the physical work and put positive, uplifting thoughts in our subconscious …. we still may not get what we want so badly!.

And we wonder why? …. Something in the subconscious opposes it …. beliefs …. criticisms …. thoughts …. emotions …. energies that have grown unnoticed …. and in conflict with our goals.

Universal Life Energy can purify the subconscious ….

and eliminate conflicted, negative energies in the subconscious. Therefore, visualize and realize Universal Life Energy purifying the Solar Plexus, the seat of the subconscious … and remember that there also are all the latent, pure qualities of the Superconsciousness within the subconscious.

The above practice in Science of Being is known as the FERTILIZATION EXERCISE. We are adding to Truth in our own subconscious. That positive, empowering thought will eventually, if not immediately, return to our consciousness and …. our reality with the help of the Great Law. 

When we purify the fertile ground of the subconscious …. the power of our Imagination and the Law of Attraction can attract those positive, like energies to manifest in our reality, instead of attracting negative energies. 

This is connected to  Lesson 11 in 27 Lessons in Science of Being. For more: 


In the hope you find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“It is in your power to sow within you the seeds of whatever success your ambition may decree, and to realize that Success on the Plane of your Physical existence.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 134. 

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