With hatred comes ….. spiritual opportunity

For those of us that are conscious of being on our spiritual journey, we realize that these are dangerous times. Not necessarily because of unrest and violence ….. or even of sickness and physical death from a virus ….. though they are real physical dangers  …. the danger lies in being seduced by frustration, fear and hatred ….. of getting mentally and emotionally lost in the collective subconscious ego.

Deliberate, impersonal attitude ….. caring motivation

You’ve heard that song that goes, “I can’t get no satisfaction!”…. That frustration has become very public. Frustration is like the match that has ignited a wildfire of hatred! The narcissistic ego has gotten frustrated with conditions ….. conditions of restrictions with the virus ….. and conditions of restrictions in society ….. blaming others has ignited a wildfire of hatred.

And that wildfire is greedy …. spreading ….. jumping …. fanning more problems. Motivated by hatred, the infantile ego makes demands and feels entitled to express its frustration with rebellion and violence ….. without consideration of others ….. or consequences!

In the subconscious’ perversion of love ….. the criminal becomes the victim ….. the police become the criminal aggressors instead of the protectors in the eyes of self-righteousness. Having been born of ignorance, pride and impatience, the subconscious ego feeds its own imperfections, causing havoc.

Fighting against hatred or being sympathetic feeds hatred

Shortcomings within the ego can be seduced by the false empowerment of hatred ….  and can be tempted to join the bandwagon! Yes, we should fight ….. we should fight for what we love ….. with a sense of calm, sincere Love. 

Hatred is challenge ….  and it can become a catalyst to align with our Inner freedom, strength and Unconditional Love. Love is the Great Harmonizer ….. strong, wise and compassionate. 

Fight for what we Love

We can be Lighthearted ….. give the gift of a smile for the stranger we pass. Do acts of kindness. Be sincere and motivated by love rather than fear. This is living a conscious heart. Mind and Love are aligned.

Being in the present moment and conscious of Presence ….. of being One with the Great Field of Universal Life Energy ….. and manifesting FourSquare qualities in all that we do  …… we attract more of the same energies  contributing to not only our own health and happiness, but everyone’s.

Healing and growth …

Can spring from knowing ourselves …. the good, the bad, the ugly. Self-analysis as taught in Lesson 12 of the 27 Lesson in Science of Being is a wonderful practice ….. especially for emotional, social challenging conditions like those we face today.

Recognizing our individual shortcomings can give us an inner sense of integrity and diminished defensiveness, and therefore, we are emotionally less vulnerable and more likely to actively construct a progress reality.

Consciously expand and rise up ….

A society’s fall can come from moral decay within. The infantile ego drives on the cynical drama of hatred. The subconscious ego ….. perverts  love ….. abuses ….. social freedom and progressive intents with moral decay, lacking the ability to reason or use common sense.

Face the challenge

We are challenged to live a conscious and compassionate life! A few Beings manifesting compassionate and loving attitudes and actions out weighs, so to speak, multitudes of infantile egos and hatred. 

It’s an opportunity to set our spiritual will ….. choose to be focused in our sincerity and intent to establish Harmony within ….. to FourSquare things ….. set things right

The more we are Sincere and use our spiritual will to align with Truth ….. put Truth into our thinking, attitudes and behaviors ….. the more Spiritual we are.

In the hope You have Faith and Trust that we always have the help of our Father, PortiaSLB

Consider being a channel of that Healing Power for all humanity and the worldGiving the Healing Vibrations to the World.

” The Everpresent Help of the Eternal is at our side. More than ever will we have to realize this. People forget that the Eternal is All there is. We can do anything within the Realm of Harmony, and with the help of the Eternal. When the presence of the Eternal is manifested, It outbalances destructive influences.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume II, page 89.


From a joke website:

What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with fireworks? Dinomite!

What do you call a riot with social distancing: a repellion.


4 thoughts on “With hatred comes ….. spiritual opportunity

  1. Thank You for being True …. for sharing your insights and inspirations.
    Our critical thinking …. impersonal analysis is a benefit to humanity. The collective ego experiences frustration which feeds more immature egotistic traits like protest, rebellion and hatred. Simply put …. insanity!
    With this analysis are taking the opportunity to observe the infantile ego then let it go …. align with a higher level of consciousness in this moment ….. with the help of the Field of the Great All.

    I am so happy to receive and share your input!

    In reading “Science of Being” our level of consciousness has great potential to rise ….. with understanding more ….. with manifestation more.

  2. Thank you for expressing it so well, because that seems to be exactly the case. It confirms some of my observations too. It seems consciosuness is very low now and so then all these negative group-ego manifestations are taking place. It seems the dropping of consciousness is cyclical, it is temporary, but since most people do not take the time to work on development of the higher Self they fall down with the immature ego when consciosuness drops in general. As you say, the challenge (and the test) now is to remain consciosuness and autonomous and independent in thinking.

    PS: I did not know about the book “Sciencne of Being” before, but I looked it up and I will make a point of reading it, so I’m glad to have discovered it from your site 🙂

  3. Greetings! The subconsciousness ego is gullible and feeds on short-comings, and unable to reason or use common sense. It wants to be a bigger ego and this is another reason it joins in group mobs isn’t it? For the false sense of empowerment by joining in a mob? The mob ego takes over. Frustration falls into hatred in terms of level of consciousness.
    The consciousness ….. if not cautious and alert …. be tempted and fall also …. or be challenged to rise above even the temptation?

  4. Unfortunately with the infantile ego it avoids admitting to its short-comings, so when it can be difficult to reason with when the hatred takes it over, whic causes it to become an unthinking destructive force since it tends to manifest in group-activism.

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