Impersonal consideration, the Power of Love

Photo PSLB

Today’s consideration:

The Law of Love is Unconditional and impersonal for us all, but when we are out of alignment with It and try to bend it to our personal will, then we are perverting ourselves! We are causing ourselves pain and suffering, attracting it because …… it is not in harmony with our Being, our Soul.

For more about the Power of Love and the Law of Attraction and how to easily attract conditions for your happiness, kindly consider this link to the sister site for: Law of Love

“Love is Attraction. Knowledge of how to employ it enables one to attract all things for Success in Life, in Friendship and in Marriage. Therefore its development within you is one of the greatest achievements possible to you in this Life.”

Eugene Fersen, Lesson 25 in Science of Being in 27 Lessons, page 621.

IN the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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