Empowering yourself in the face of adversity

Photo PSLB

Every adversity or opposition, every great and wonderful thing, that we experience is interconnected and synchronized in Universal Laws: Cause and Effect, Gender, Polarity, Rhythm, Evolution and the Law of Unity. And all of the Laws are beneficial, helping us create our strength, freedom and happiness, especially when we work consciously in them ….. when we deliberately synchronize with them.

We always are given the opportunity to be conscious and in harmony with Law. And if we choose otherwise, if we choose the human egotistic road, we are compassionately lead back. The Laws of Cause and Effect, Gender, Polarity and Rhythm help us return to The Law of Harmony. These Laws are are ubiquitous in our world and life. 

Here are some tips to face adversities and co-create positive opportunities for your happiness synchronizing with Universal Laws:

  1. Being calm, conscious and observant in a detached state opens us to see possibilities and opportunities in the moment. Caution is a means of self protection, yet fear can urge us to freeze, flee or fight against. And fighting against feeds fighting energy to the situation, making it difficult to reason and have insights.

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Empowering yourself in the face of adversity

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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