What is tangible and can take with us when we leave this plane?

Phuket, Thailand 2022 PSLB

What can we can take it with us when we leave this earthly plane?

We all know it is not our physical body, money, or prized possessions. Yet, it is something very tangible in this dimension. It’s the only thing of true value we have on earth that we can take with us when we leave.

Our personality is immature and illusionary, changing lifetime to lifetime. Everybody’s personality appears different, but all function about the same. Everyone of us have self-serving vanities, opinions and fears. However, we can evolve our personalities to have real character with sincere  spiritual practice and manifestation.  

Our character is unique. Our character has maturity and depth. Character is what makes us what we are here and beyond. 

We can build on our character over lifetimes, strengthen, and refine to align with our Real Individuality and Soul. 

We develop our character by bringing our soul qualities into our earthly presence. By expressing our natural qualities of Strength, Wisdom, Truth and Love ….. the FourSquare.

By daily practice and manifestation of these qualities, we reveal our Real Character in sequence with the unfoldment of the moment. And we let the ego dissolve.

It sounds easy. And it is, but the subconscious rebells constantly! So we have to fight up for our Freedom. Which means we have to fight with the same qualities that we fight for!  Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love.

Our fight starts with Intelligence ….. being conscious and aware  ….. in the moment …. and every moment. In mind we fell originally and in mind  we begin again. We begin to look up within. We begin to silence the personal monkey chatter of the subconscious ego and become conscious of the observer …… and beyond the observer.

Daily practice of Relaxation and Silence is so simple and enlightening! We can recognize the observer and something greater. And the Star Exercise is a spiritual lifeline to That which is greater ….. Source!

As we become conscious of the observer and Universal Life Energy, we begin to detach from the subconscious, human ego with all its limitations. To detach from its self-righteousness, opinions and imaginations which serves its self-infatuation, ignorance and struggle for survival. 

These practices and conscious awareness frees us to reunite with our Spiritual Heart and Inner Love. And spiritual, unconditional Love leads us to Wisdom ….. relinquishing the ego and embracing the Causeless Cause. It leads us to Gratitude and to Trust and Faith in the Great Principle. We know we are One with Source. 

The observer has understandings of sequences in various levels of clarity. And we mature into daily practice of the FourSquare. Daily manifesting enthusiasm, conscious awareness, accuracy and most of all Love. Integrating the FourSquare.

It’s an amazing sequence! It brings about growth and change in our personality and development of our character. And we take it with us ….. this dimension and beyond!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Spiritual Power is obtained only by those that honestly and unselfishly live a life of Activity, Intelligence, Truth and Love. ….. They will, during their silence and in contacting the Universal Life Energy, rise higher and higher until finally they will reach Spiritual Vibrations, which is the highest we know of in our present state of consciousness.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, pages 295-6.

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