Dragging tissue and poking the monster

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Silly ridiculous things happen! When I realize I’ve been dragging toilet tissue behind me, I have a split second to decide what do. And so do others.

Behold the monster

Appreciate ridicule when you experience it. Behold the monster. Poke it and give it wide berth. Mark the place where ridicule lies buried within your own self. You can feel the vibrations of the tease. Then watch it erupt, yet remain calm and steadfast without falling back.

Killing aspects

Absurdities can trigger us to confront subconscious conditioning. Humorous ridicule and laughter can kill aspects of the ego’s inflated self-concepts. You can release past fear-filled concepts, like conceit or not being good enough.

Using ridicule

We use ridicule in our everyday social situations to confront social rules, common beliefs, human deficiencies and incongruities that are perceived to fall short of man’s spiritual ideals.

What is silly can become more obvious. Comedians use it. And, I’ve experienced spiritual teachers using humorous ridicule to kill – become conscious and aware of egotistic thinking and conditioning that holds us to the past and release it.

Release can bring us to a childlike, playful attitude. We feel joy, are lighter and freer because negative energy that drags us down is released. You can go from a dreamy vagueness to intense awareness in the moment,

But others, like politicians and religious leaders can use ridicule to mock, embarrass and damage ideas that are different than their own, including constructive, helpful ideas. However, that purpose will boomerang through the human collective mental atmosphere back to the sender, having increased in power.

Through the mirage

If ridicule is aimed in your direction observe it in detached awareness, knowing it can haunt or help you. Be conscious and aware, present in the moment. Ask yourself questions aimed to poke the monster, expose the ugly in order to release it.

And if you are tempted to ridicule, know your purpose. Let it be lead by unconditional Love, knowing that such humor can help bring the hapless dreamer dragging tissue behind them through the mirage to joyful presence if they agree to it!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Good thoughts are to be received with joy, and evil thoughts with love, so as to transmute their nature from negative to positive. No matter how much one may try to prevent those thoughts from coming back, they will continually return until they gain admission.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 189.

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