Life changing!

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Of all the advice we can ever be given in this lifetime there is none more potent and life changing than…. to be in continually contact with the Great Field of Universal Life Energy.

Star exercise

That and consciously use the qualities of Universal Life Energy – Strength, Wisdom, Truth and Love – in all that you do. This is how we take control of our life and create our own happiness!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

2 thoughts on “Life changing!

  1. I experience all Joy, Wonder, Truth and Love in years of contacting ULE consciously!

    It never becomes stagnate, common place or dull.
    It’s never ending and I gain a little bit more knowledge “consciously” I feel innocence
    Of a child at times using ULE!

    I am Always Grateful for your Inspiration and I say
    Thank You

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