Ocean of Infinite Power and Harmony

sunset krabi white

sunset krabi 1

sunset krabi orange 3

As the sun sets on the horizon it seems to happen very slowly.
The same is true of our life.
Our life seems to pass by slowly day by day, season by season, year by year.
But, before we know it we are in the sunset of our life –
and we have the opportunity to stop
and reflect on the many sunsets we’ve experienced
to express gratitude,
for walking softly in nature,
for breathing in the air,
for feeling Universal Energy through the sun, the moon and stars
for the daily glimpses of happiness and peace between all the stress;
for experiencing silence in-between all the noise;
for listening to our Higher Self;
for Friends that shared Truth,
for knowing the truth of our self;
for being loved by the one and unknown others,
for knowing we can love ourselves,
for loving one and further,
for this life’s wonderful, spiritual journey!

 In the hope You find close at hand, PortiaSLB

It’s always an opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves do we experience the GREATEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATION OF LOVE?

Photo: Amazing sunset over Krabi, Thailand

“Whenever we love unselfishly, not from our own personal little self, but from the Great Self, then that ocean of Infinite Power and Harmony is immediately behind us in its GREATEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATION OF LOVE –  the manifestation which is last and yet is first because it is the most important, and because it is  THE GREAT PRINCIPLE, THE ABSOLUTE. 

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35.