The Feminine Curve


Entering the feminine curve
Every nerve drawing me deeper toward
The heart of the vortex serve,
Knowing Source of earthly accord. 

Progressive energies
Cause molecules of emotions rising atop
Encouraging me, 
Though fear begging me to stop.

Memory of my mother
Taming my heart
Telling me I have to detach;
Lightning clap asunder, apart.

Her detachment declaration
Swills of light ascertain;
Done for both hearts’ liberation
Nonetheless acute piercing pain.

Thoughts of inadequacy
Sweat beginning to bead
Even as tears of gratitude,
Long trailing drops intercede.

Energies whirl, ripping from existence
Illusions self-composed,
Darkness, death, time,
Detrimental memories decompose.

Stripped and lifted to greater heights
Becoming fearless, assured by Feminine Love
Inner Masculine Power lights
Immortal boundless Spirit thereof.

Timeless Unconditional Love.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Sedona 2

There are several energy vortexes the Sedon, Arizona area. And, some say the entire area is an energy vortex. Of course, there are skeptics even though there is evidence that compass needles lose true north at vortex sites!

There is no denying the beauty of the place, the feminine earthly energy and the masculine strength. You can learn much about yourself and your connection to the earth and universe.

The red and white mountains look different during the day as the sun moves across the sky and the shadows play! No matter if it’s the beauty or the energy, Sedona is inspiring and invigorating! 

sedona mountains 2016

Photos of Sedona, Arizona 2016.


“It is very interesting to analyze the effects of gratitude. That inner love in it makes it possible for us to expand. There are very few emotions as strong, deep and beautiful as gratitude. The more grateful we will be, the more receptive we will be, and the more good things will come into our lives.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume II, page 177.


Morning Greeting

arid forest path 3

As I awaken in the moment, the day coming fast,

Fragrant notes of the cypress, juniper, piñon pine

Greet me as I enter the arid forest path

Singing such a sweet melody of earthly design

In such abundant giving

Can only come living

With no regret and humble thankfulness express,

My heart purified and to infinite Spirit I do acquiesce.


These paths in the arid forest of Sedona led to native dwellings thousands of years ago, built along the rock formation in the first photo. The landscape and energy in the area is so invigorating that it is easy to get a sense why anyone wants to live in the area. And, you can get a real appreciation for the people of the past living there, their courage and fortitude.

The earthy juniper and pine fragrance is so amazing in the early morning. With a few deep breathes it grounds you to the earth, to your body, and inspires you to look up within! While I was there getting up early was the best part of the day because I would go outside and just breathe, then look at the beautiful mountains.  

The best part at night is the opportunity to see the Milky Way since it is so dark and the city lights are kept low.

Looking into the Milky Way you can get a real sense of the vastness of the universe.  And, in turn it makes me wonder about what infinity truly means in my life and for all of us. 

I think about my own life, the hardships, the joys, the ups, the downs. Wasted time and hopes for days to come, with the help of the Great Law. And, how I have gained some insight into my own spiritual journey.

And, in that mindful moment I know that no moment has been wasted, especially viewing it with some perspective. There are infinite opportunities to come and with the Power of the Infinite behind me, supporting me and all of us, so much, much more joy, peace and purpose.

It’s humbling! And, gratitude fills me.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

arid forest path 2 cropped

arid forest path 1

Photos of the arid national forest and mountains in Sedona, Arizona 2016.

The saying, The pure in heart shall see Good is true. Only when we are pure or sincere can we behold Harmony, and when we behold It, the Light of Harmony flows into us.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, page 257.

Photos of beautiful and inspiring Sedona, 2016