Decoding numerical messages of 2019

Happy New Year 2019 and always!

Hope You and your Family have a happy and constructive year

2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12/3

The energy of #12 indicates a pause or reversal.

If we are willing to pause, reflect and look deep to the heart of things then we will see that things are not what they appear to be on the surface. The #12 indicates that egotistic attitudes turn things upside down, yet things can work out if we flow in the force of quiet reflection and discernment this year.

Many of us have walled ourselves in with so much negative feelings in a #2 energy (2018) that it blocks positive feelings of love and affection, but the energy of #3 this year indicates it’s time to  release the past and move into constructive attitudes.

Our dreams may become reality in this #3 feminine, abundant energy, if we are willing to have positive, enthusiastic attitudes!

It can be a hard-won lesson, and things can get messy, but once we do let go of past attitudes that do not serve us then we can pursue joyful activities this year. Constructive realizations can shatter crystallized ideas and bring about fresh ideas and regeneration.

#3 epitomizes creative expression and wisdom

Three is a feminine, creative energy with interaction between yin and yang. It is in response to years #1 and #2 energies combining and multiplying into manifestation.

If we have an optimistic outlook, 2019 can be very productive in diversified areas, of money, law, religion and communications.

It could mean financial growth. But remember, you can energize reversal by fighting, overindulging, extravagance, gossip, or deceit which could lead to losses. Procrastination and destructive actions can mean disaster. Take care to be more conservative and systematic.

 #12 is saying that expression should come from your heart – your Seat of Love

This can be a year of emotional healing and forming new friendships if you have an enthusiastic attitude, leaving the dead past behind.

Esoterically #3 symbolizes The Trinity and Man made manifest into Matter, One with the Absolute.  For more esoteric decoding of 2019 including why Law will be a prime factor this year kindly use the link:

Esoteric numerology decoding for 2019

Happy New Year once again and Thank You! You’ve encouraged me and brought the realization that we all travel on this spiritual journey together. Each one of us contribute unique and beautiful qualities that move us in constructive awareness and attitudes.

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It is my sincerest hope that you find Love close at hand this year and always, PortiaSLB


2 thoughts on “Decoding numerical messages of 2019

  1. Greetings Miss Emma.
    Thank You for your comment. I appreciate your interest and hope you checked out the link for more about the frequency implications for the #12/3. Your’ve encouraged me to review that message and to meditation on the upcomeing year and the frequecies.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    With Light and Love, Portia

  2. It’s almost the end of 2019 now and I’m very grateful to read this article months ago. Although I’ve been involved in numerology for quite a time, it’s always interesting to hear other people’s insights on this topic. I look forward to hear more from you!

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