Today’s consideration: You embarrassed?

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Shadow energies make themselves known through our feelings. 

We don’t always know why we feel the way we feel. Yet, becoming conscious and observing our feelings in a detached matter can shed some light. And, bringing detached consciousness to embarrassed feelings may defuse negative energy.

In meditation or detached discrimination consider:  Is any embarrassment stemming from conditioning? Are subconscious ego beliefs dominating? Does the subconscious ego fear not being lovable? 

And next time you are tempted to get embarrassed consider stopping and connecting with your Heart. Place your hands over your physical heart. Your heart is your Seat of Love.  Feel the Love that You are. Let Love lead you in your awareness and feelings. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The World belongs to the conqueror, and the greatest conqueror is the one who conquers himself. We should see and sense all the wrong around us, but not be conquered by it.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings In Science of Being, Volume II, page 174.

4 thoughts on “Today’s consideration: You embarrassed?

  1. Yes Love thank You for sharing your Inspiration. I too have looked at this embarrassing conditioning that I’ve taken on and releasing it. It can be very apparent and it can be very subtle, especially conditioning from civilized society. I’ve found that being fully in the moment is my greatest help in this matter. And when we are Truly fully in the moment we are aware and conscious of greater realms and our connection with the Eternal, which is this moment eternally. And when one of us becomes conscious of Harmony it Truly does help us All! With Love and Light, PortiaSLB

  2. In working with understanding the feeling of
    embarrassment I am seeing so many things
    I have been conditioned to since being a
    Young child. It has hindered me in so many
    ways. I’ve made some terrible decisions in
    Life because of embarrassment!
    I’ve lost my human mother in the last two years
    and have been able to see so much clearer
    what our lives meant together. I’m so grateful
    for this! So much more good than bad. But this
    was a negative conditioning she was brought up
    with and same from her to me.
    Looking at this detached and with True Love
    from my Heart I feel a freedom and healing
    I’d not been able to see clear before!
    Thanks again for your pat and push of your
    own Soul Inspiration.
    I feel as if you open a page of my personal
    life book! Yet I know Truth is always True
    and Love is always Love! So it’s Universal
    not picked humanly personal for me but for
    Always Love, Melissa LB

  3. Thank you for this deeply helpful post today.
    I have suffered from this and can see my way out!
    Always Love, MelissaLB

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