Today’s consideration of relationships

Kindly consider these quotes in your daily meditation or in your daily discrimination. 

“The relationship between two people, like a marriage, partnership, or friendship, is meant for the happiness and evolution of not only the two beings, but also the entire 🌎 world.

Cherish in gentleness your life partner or anyone in your life and it helps your and their Heart bloom…and us All!”

If you care to share your insights kindly leave a comment!  It’s appreciated.

“Spiritual Power is obtained only by those who honestly and unselfishly live a life of Activity, Intelligence, Truth, and Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 295. 

With Love and Light to You, PortiaSLB

Photo: PSLB Thailand 2018

5 thoughts on “Today’s consideration of relationships

  1. This is so True! I have felt lost before with my partner in Life.
    It’s not a good feeling to have! You feel stuck!
    We are the only ones who can change this!
    We have to keep reaching from within our own
    Hearts and do our 50. Most of the time I have
    found that my partner was giving 51 and that’s
    The Soul and our heart Loving the other in a different
    way! But it helps us grow In Love!
    Always Love, MelissaLB

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