Do we really need a conscience?

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When two children accompanied their mom shopping they saw a popular miniature doll that they wanted because of the egg packaging it came in, saying it was so to fun open. The mom told them no.  But when they all got home, the mom discovered the children had taken it anyway, having hidden it in their backpack …. unpaid

We all make mistakes

Some of us develop a conscience that hurts when we feel like we have done something wrong. The conscience is a process that kicks in thoughts and emotions of remorse that are in contrast to our moral values.

But here’s the thing …. some of us don’t have a conscience or at less don’t listen to our conscience. And our conscience is not necessarily based in reason, rather in conditioning of culture, civilization, religion, doctrine, and judicial laws.

As children we are usually conditioned in morals by family, society, and religion ….And as we grow our morals and conscience grow also ….  but …. so does the subconscious ego.  And subconscious desires can dominate reasoning and morals …. thus mistakes like shoplifting are made.

Are we conscious?

That question above …. that’s the question we have to ask ourselves. Are we conscious? ….And do we need a conscience?

Adults are more likely to feel like our conscience hurts when we’ve done something ‘wrong’ …. because we have been repeatedly conditioned in morals.  That process of conscience makes us feel remorse. Yet …. consider this …. would we need a conscience if we listened to and behaved according to our Real Self …. to our Superconsciousness?

Our Higher Self does not need a conscience. But ….. our conscious self does …. or at least, at this time in our development. The hurt our conscience inflicts on us can help us …. by pointing to a mistake …. to make us Conscious!

We can grow by learning from our mistakes …. when we are conscious. The subconscious ego doesn’t listen to the conscience because we would have to be conscious. And subconscious desires imprisons conscious reasoning and the conscience.

We have become busy shaking our heads side to side as in ‘no’ and as in confusion …. Fear dominates us so much of the time that our Conscious Self has become too busy to look up to our Higher Self.

We can so easily go berserk …. leaving behind common sense, logic and the good sense to listen to and follow our intuition …. the guidance of our Higher Self and Soul.

Yet there is hope ….

Reason and experience …. when supported by our Higher Self …. are the saving elements in our life.  

The FourSquare is The Great Principle …. as a standard we can use to ask ourselves questions  to awaken our consciousness …. Is our response Enthusiastic? Wise? Accurate? and Loving? And are we conscious, aware, alert in the moment …. observant without attachment?

And let’s remember friendship ….

Shouldn’t we learn to be friendly with ourselves, especially our Higher Selves ….. and with others? Consider ourselves with Love …. as being surrounded by the Eternal as Universal Life Energy, Wisdom, Truth, Love, Spirit in every moment …. indissolubly connected to the Great Principle …. and a ray of IT. Do we see qualities of ourselves in others? Do we see the Absolute twinkling brightly through the eyes of others?

That mom …. perhaps she had a conscience that hurt …. or …. she listened to her Higher Self and did what she could to harmonize the situation by encouraging her children to be conscious and experience the reasoning of the FourSquare. And by being those qualities herself.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Mind should analyze the emotions, and, like a stream of water, direct them in the right channel. The whole situation can be resolved and analyzed by the FourSquare Principle.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, page 20.

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6 thoughts on “Do we really need a conscience?

  1. God day friend Gluacieli…. You warm my heart with your Love!

    Thank You for your considerations …. they truly are inspiring to not only me but to other also!

    With the help of the Great Law we will continue to unfold in our understanding and manifest the Wisdom. 💜

  2. Good morning friend Portia!

    How I love and am grateful to read your inspirations. I read and many chips were falling. I was forgiving myself with every word you wrote. As I learn from you, you have the gift, with that sweet and loving way to put all words in the right place and I always feel the energy of love coming from you and dear and friendly Melissa.

    The inspirations of friend Melissa also helped me a lot! Grateful friend beloved Melissa 🥰

    Infinite gratitude, friend Portia, for always giving us this advice with love and care and above all with love in everything we do.

    With love, care and gratitude

  3. Yes I did answer my own question!
    You helped make sense of where I was wavering
    On the ego sub driven hurt and my Conscience!
    Also I have a strong Will to bulldoze my way
    forward be it right or wrong, more like come
    hell or hi water I’ll get my way!
    I do my best now as I’ve gotten older and try not
    To influence others. But I still hurt myself!!!!
    Like a child who’s been hurt or scared deeply
    I take it out by over eating etc…
    Thank you for all that you give of yourself
    To help humanity! I know that’s what Love does
    And it’s beautiful!!!!
    Always Love,

  4. Love…. you’ve answered your own question didn’t you? We make mistakes and if ….. we learn from them it is a blessing in the long run isn’t it? The conscious self should look up and lift itself up to our Higher Self …. Superconsciousness… and listen…. but we don’t always listen….. and if we make a mistake it may hurt because of the conscience…. pain is the teacher …. The Superconscious doesn’t feel the pain of remorse but the conscience does. And it seems to me remorse is a low frequency emotion of the ego …. and it hurts so bad we don’t want to make that mistake again… with the help of the Great Principle we learn to do better and be FourSquare. We train the human mind to be conscious…. conscious of the temptations of the ego and the guidance of our Higher Self. Then we still must choose our path …. both are challenging especially right after making a choice isn’t it?

    Thank you for adding to the entry… love it! Portia

  5. Dear PortiaLB,
    You hit everything I’ve been working on lately!!!!
    I know this much right now!
    My Higher Self has shown me what to do in all kinds
    of situations in my Life from small things to big things!
    My trouble in life has always been when I didn’t
    Do the right thing! Ignored my Inner Guidance
    And bulldozed my way forward in the wrong way!
    Oh the lessons I’ve had to learn and suffer from
    My actions!
    So is this my conscious working in suffering the bad causes
    I put into action?
    Thank you for your companion guide it opened
    Up deeper understandings to this Lesson!!!!
    Always Love,

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