Are you being manlipulated? Don’t take it personally


When someone says to us, “Don’t take it personally,” that person gets our attention! Try as hard as we may, we usually take it personally, very personally.

We take a lot of things personally, like – someone contradicting or opposing us, someone ignoring us, and probably one of our most difficult is when someone ridicules or makes fun of us. It can hurt. We can get insulted, resentful and mad! Were we manipulated?

It’s emotional contagion!

Emotional energy is contagious and it can get our attention and hook our energy, our aura. We have been manipulated, perhaps not consciously, but nevertheless, manipulated. 

Our bioenergy or auric fields pulsate to our individual character and traits. But, when we manipulate each other emotionally we are also unconsciously manipulating each other’s fields through harmonic induction. We can push bioenergy streamers to someone that are like hooks. 

We may not see this energy, but we can feel it. We may feel like we’ve been hit in the solar plexus or more subtly, we feel like a victim. That’s simplifying, but they are real possibilities. 

Plus, we usually send the same energy back because we harbor egotistic traits that are based in fear.  The interaction may end in an argument or violence. Or, we may close down and go on automatic pilot.

Do we do it?

We have been conditioned to take things personally. When someone says don’t take it personally it is actually good advice, but the ego can take over and interpret the Law of Polarity as opposites. We may even believe it is right to be insulted, hurt or angry because of self-righteousness.  

Why do we do it?

We have also been conditioned to manipulate others to get their attention!  It’s something we do. We use others to release our own negativity! It’s very subtle because neither party are not usually conscious of it, nor are we conscious of experiencing fear and pride.

 The core of the manipulations is ….. that we want to be loved. We doubt our own authentic powers of strength, wisdom, sincerity and most of all – innate love.

Another way

When we realize that we are taking things personally here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Take some deep breaths and pause your thinking.
  2. Be conscious and center yourself in your body and the present moment.
  3. Mentally deny that the incident has any power over you. This is mentally negating it. And, the truth opens us to vaster realms of mental consciousness. 
  4. Realize your connection to Universal Life Energy and center that energy in your heart chakra, feeling it as strength, wisdom, truth and love. And let the energy radiate out, expressing impersonal and unconditional love. When we center our consciousness and emotions in love then we are strong. We radiate a higher frequency in our aura, and that is a protection of sorts.
  5. Permit the illusion of possible manipulation to dissolve.
  6. Allow yourself to see the good in yourself and others, and be grateful!  
radiant heart 10

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In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Universal Energy is an aspect of the Eternal.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 149.

Consider leaving your experiences or insights. Remember your Inner Self does not hesitate!

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