For You Lightbearer Mind and Heart 100 years

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The quest for spiritual wisdom has come to the forefront in the minds of humanity as we seek Freedom, Justice and Happiness. We seek Truth and quest for our Soul. We are Light seekers and Lightbearers!

Science of Being by Eugene Fersen, page iii.

One hundred years ago THE LIGHTBEARERS was founded by Eugene Fersen and now the Teachings of Science of Being have spread around the world, helping thousands change their lives for the better.

“The Organization of THE LIGHTBEARERS was founded on the 14th of December, 1921. … The year 1921 adds to 13, a sacred number. It is a number which Humanity fears and yet a magic number so to speak in its Spiritual meaning .”

Eugene Fersen

According to sacred numerology this 100th anniversary date also adds to 13!

12/14/2021 = 1+2+1+4+2+0+2+1 = 13

Thirteen has a spiritual significance …. indicating tremendous powers of change and potential regeneration for something of spiritual value in the world! So, we all have great potential to refine ourselves in our earthly reality with this Wisdom.

“We started the work not with a rule, but with an opportunity ….. That opportunity was the Message:

Express in every act of yours, All Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love, thus living only can you live; thus acting only can you build to Freedom, Strength and Happiness in Life. This is your Problem: be this your foremost Aim.”

Eugene Fersen
The FourSquare

Science of Being is spiritual Wisdom that is organized to make our spiritual journey easier. There are no beliefs, rules or regulations, rather opportunities to harmonize your body, to elevate your emotions and unite your mind and Heart. Your Heart is your Seat of Love, connection to your Higher Self, and sacred chamber of the Eternal within.

The Teachings include ways to directly contact Source through Universal Life Energy as demonstrated in the image above and mental methods too. Universal Life Energy is used for healing treatments to harmonize physical, mental and emotional issues. It overpowers low energy frequencies, elevating and stimulating our consciousness to awaken to our Higher Self and Soul …. “to awaken within each that which still burns, the Light of Spirit which we all carry within us all the time.”

” Everyone of us mortals is to be a Lightbearer, to be a witness of The Absolute, carry the Light.”

Eugene Fersen

There are many sources to begin your adventure in Science of Being, including this website, its sister site and others. Here are a few:

Links for the books are on the first and last sites listed. And free companion lessons corresponding to Science of Being in 27 Lessons and other nuggets of Wisdom, are offered on the Science of Being: Further Reaches of the Spiritual Road. With correspondent classes, including Skype calls through The World Center on the last website listed.

Thank You for joining us in the recognition of over 100 years of Science of Being. And remember:

“The first stage of evolution is instinctive, we are unaware of our unfoldment. Next comes the awareness of our growth, and finally we can deliberately press on in the line of growth we choose.”

Eugene Fersen

Eugene Fersen, Author and Teacher of Science of Being, Founder of The Lightbearers

He is considered by many The Teacher of Teachers of spiritual wisdom. And we are forever Grateful! 

In the sincere hope your Spiritual Journey is a joyful adventure! And that You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB