The Joye in surprise – I am meditation

Big Life! Photo: Philippines 2020 PSLB

Our Inner Being only sees Light and experiences Love in all situations, but humanly we don’t always experience it that way. The human perspective is polar or dual, and we experience them as good or bad, fearful or loving experiences. We usually are unconscious of how we attract and create our reality with our thoughts and emotions in this dual perspective, but we can be. And Life can surprise us in very enjoyable ways when we allow it!

Co-creating joyful adventures!

Like for me today…..I was meditating on joy and happiness realizing it is our natural state. And the Declarations of Truth were: “My Inner Being is in complete harmony with Source. I am in complete Harmony with Source.”

And feelings of gratitude and love filled my Being.

Afterwards I remained open to the realization that thoughts, and more importantly that emotions, are a base, a beginning for creation. Vibrational energy of thoughts and emotions attracts the same vibrational energy.

And later I experienced a reflection of the same vibrational energy in my human reality. A little girl named Joye captured my attention with her enthusiasm and joy for life right in the moment that she was. And it radiated out to touch everyone nearby… if they allowed it. And I did. She did. Her parents did. And we became friends then and there, enjoying each other. It was a great adventure.

Attracting your Joy

And everyday we can experience an enjoyable adventure …. when we allow it. Meditation can help us focus on and remember joyful, loving innate energies within ourselves, which will attract more of those energies.

You can try it for yourself. In meditation consciously allow yourself to feel the joy, gratitude, tenderness and love that naturally resides in your heart. Include them in your Declarations of Truth or make them like those above. Then drop any expectations, leaving it to Source. Do not try to control any outcomes. Trust and remain open to the unlimited possibilities in the Universe!

Co-creating undesirable experiences

But we can also be very unaware of our emotions, because so many are conditioned and programmed unconsciously. Our body can react to situations with unconscious emotions, like the knee jerk reaction to something that startles us. And though it may be temporary, we experienced the fearful flight reaction in our body.

If we are unconscious of our emotions and feelings we can be down, frustrated or anxious without knowing we attract more of the same energies. Like the other evening at dinner I became distracted when a person at the next table in the restaurant started coughing. I had this this urge to get away.

I realized then that I unconsciously reacted with dislike. But instead of releasing the dislike and find the tenderness and love in my heart right then, I continued to be unconsciously distracted in the situation.

Sure enough, the next morning I experienced some physical discomfort in the throat. Realizing it was my thoughts and emotions that initiated the situation in myself, I quickly had the thought and happy emotion that I am in perfect health! And I felt I had turned a corner as emotions of enthusiasm, engagement, sincerity and loving trust arose to the Truth within.

Then I left it to the Great Law of Attraction and Great Principle without expectations, trusting that it will work out harmoniously according to Universal Law. And this experience was a great adventure too!

The great gift

We can be surprised by the unexpected when we flow in the creative energies of Source without expectations. Those surprises awaken us a bit more to our Inner Powers unity with Source. And as we awaken and become more and more conscious of our Inner Being we see Light and experience Love in our reality.

And that is a great gift is it?

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The Great Principle, the Absolute, is all Life, all Mind, all Truth, all Love, all Spirit; all there is, is in the Great All, and if we apply that Law, the Law of Life, of Mind, of Truth and of Love, to all problems of our daily life, we work out, without noticing it, all the perfection we can ever aspire to, we buildup the Pyramid of our own life and reach the Point of Spirit, and we do not notice how it happens, because it is the Great Principle Itself Who is working to that end through us. It is Its work as much as ours. All we have to do is to be conscious, open channels for that.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, pages 136 and 137.

3 thoughts on “The Joye in surprise – I am meditation

  1. I am so enjoying the surprises of the endless variety and ways the Law of Attraction manifests! And if there is anything that we can understand about the Law of Attraction is that we attract what we think about and how we feel. If we think about what is missing and feel low about it … we attract more of the same energy. All the while what we want is already done and waiting for us to align with it in our thinking and emotions! And a great joy is the surprise as to how it manifests and the particulars of it! It happens all the time if we are conscious of it or not! Best surprise if we are conscious! Yes?

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