Energies of 2020 and your potential with far reaching results

Happy New Year 2020!

In 2020 we are on a cosmic journey to establish a base for stability, improvement and reliability not only for the coming year, but also for the coming decade.

2020 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

The energies of 2020 = 4 indicates additional strength for commitment to creating a foundation for something of real value. For putting things in order and for organizing. For work. And for figuring out our responsibilities and role in the world order.

This year there will be a boost in energy to help us cultivate new levels of Inner Self-realization and personal growth.

Four is a very spiritual number and lucky number. Four represents the foundation that we all stand on, Spirit. It is the dense form of #1, spiritual creativity manifested in physical reality as Energy, Intelligence, Law and Love.
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With full commitment to manifesting the FourSquare in your thoughts and intentions, doors will open to help you take concrete steps to bring ideas, plans and dreams into physical reality, because you are hooking up to the potentiality in Source.

Organize but cultivate flexibility and patience to support your plans, because it will require discipline and perseverance to overcome intolerance and volatility of the mass subconscious ego.


The year 2020 has two 0’s, which indicates there may be foundations laid for new cycles or trials with far-reaching consequences. There are indications of redistribution of energies and powers, and mass consciousness resistance to new ideas and world altering changes.


The year 2020 also has two 2’s which is double feminine energies, pointing to cooperation, peace and unity. There is Power in recognizing 2 sides of every situation and person, outer appearances and inner spirit. True insight reveals 2 sides of the same coin as being 1. And #1 represents Source. Within everything is Source and there is always something beneficial.

Two can awaken our minds to the tenderness and wisdom in our hearts, our Seat of Love. Therefore no matter what situation you may face intuitively look inward with the intent to rise your own vibrational state of mind to cooperation and unity with Source. Opposition to the situation feeds more opposition through the Law of Attraction. While unity with Source draws more goodwill and harmony to not only yourself, but also to the situation.

The uplifting energies of 2020 are giving us the opportunity to build a base of consideration, goodwill and cooperation within ourselves which is the base for peace in the world.

______This year has far reaching potential for us to make a quantum leap in consciousness, recognizing that our thoughts and emotions manifest and shape our reality. That it’s not only our actions that matter. Our intents, our minds and hearts are major factors. And when our thoughts, intents and behaviors are in the Flow of Source and Harmony then we attract a harmonious reality.______

In order to create something of real value we will have to come to a new level of understanding and activity of our inherent Powers One with Source. Meditation can help us do that. And so can living in the moment with gratitude. These 2 methods give us a chance, an opportunity, to go in the flow of Source because we quiet our minds, our thinking and are open to the potentiality of All.

And consciously focusing FourSquare intents in all the we do, especially our thoughts and emotions, is actually manifesting Source in our reality now.This method is practical manifestation!And it is life changing with far reaching effects!

In the hope You embrace the uplifting energies and opportunities before You this year to make real changes in your life! PortiaSLB

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“We love Divinity through human beings. We have that longing and yearning within us to go back to the Father, to the Absolute, and whenever we find a channel through which we can achieve that return to Him, a channel opened by Love, we are only too glad to use it, because it is the inmost desire of our heart, it is the love of our Soul.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 44.