Unexpected help in the Creative Fire!

It’s no wonder that we occasionally feel like there’s something seriously wrong with us. We can become obsessed with seeing the wrong in the world, in politics, in religion, and within ourselves, so we fight against it. What we don’t usually realize is that when we fight against something we empower it.

The inner continuous battle between our subconscious ego and conscious self can be difficult. If you are aware of having a heart that sees and feels the truth: choose to fight for your conscious self rather than fighting against the ego.

The child in us is vulnerable 

When we fight against our ego it will do whatever it takes to be superior, to protect itself from loosing its power and influence over our conscious self, our thinking and emotions. We empower the opposition because of the Law of Polarity. And, we end up hurting ourselves anyway because of the Law of Unity and Law of Attraction.

For example, fighting back when you are criticized. The ego wants to be superior and you can get lost in it, following your thoughts to anger, sadness or even depression. The child in us is shocked and hurt, and that hurt goes into our body. We assume and believe those thoughts are a part ourselves. You can end up mad and resentful, and later even  hating yourself, thinking there is something wrong with you, feeling like you’re not good enough. 

The ego supports and keeps us in such holding patterns of thinking. It becomes an addiction for us, but we don’t realize it is an addiction. We can’t seem to control it and we condemn ourselves, thinking our spiritual practice doesn’t help. 

Fight for instead of against

When we fight for our conscious self we are fighting to know our authentic self, our presence, our Being. We empower our conscious self.

Observe the temptations of the ego to get angry and resentful without attachment. Consider listening to criticism and use it for constructive improvement. You remain conscious without following a train of thought of angry retaliation in self-righteousness or of inferiority. Maybe you are even fascinated by these fearful thoughts. Instead, just observe and let thoughts float in a stream, getting further away until they are gone.  

I am grateful for my awareness of fearful thoughts and feelings because it has stirred me to awaken to the way the ego will exert its influence to dominate my awareness and reality.

And, it can awaken you to something more – to the spirit of your inner Being. Your energy. That creative fire within that changes your awareness of your Self and creates a revolution, and evolution of change. 

You become conscious of freedom. Freedom from the ego. Freedom from the pain of hurt feelings, from retaliation, self-righteousness or inferiority. You are raising above the ego and You are reaching into higher realms of understanding. You are recognizing I am That. You are present as a soul in a body,  Self-conscious of being. 

A step beyond 

Consider adding another step to your realization and consciously fight to be one with Harmony, to align your conscious being with spirit. Say, feel and be conscious of something like: I am One with All Life, Intelligence, Truth, Love, Spirit. I am a ray of the Eternal manifesting all the same powers.  I am That. You will receive unexpected help. 

There’s something right with You! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

For more on using your consciousness as a constructive Power by releasing fearful, subconscious barriers: Negative Emotional Contagion and A real world Self-protection method

“The Higher Self is a magnet needle and is not affected by conditions. It is the Ray of Invisible Light shining in utter darkness.”

 Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings of Eugene Fersen, Volume I, page 40.

Do You listen to yourself? Why listen to mental chatter, inspirations and reasoning: Listening – Part 2

gentle voice of intuition

We generally don’t listen to ourselves! Listening to ourselves is a big step towards owning and honoring our power to create our own reality – a happy one!

Our reality starts in our thinking. We currently function on three base levels of mind: the self-conscious; the sub-conscious ego; and the Superconscious, Higher Self. And, it pays to listen to all three levels.

How do we know the difference?

We like to think we are conscious during our waking hours. And, we are… sometimes. But because we are human and busy…., we can get lazy, confused and jump in the energy of the subconscious ego; into conditioning, desire, and impulse. It has no reasoning power, and is very fertile ground, so when a thought or suggestion enters it can grow unnoticed! 

We live in the past, rethinking it over and over – what happened and how we may have done it differently. We experience guilt, depression, loneliness. We live in the future, constantly worrying about what we are going to do next, and experience impatience, anxiety, fear.

We are so used to the mental voice of the subconscious ego that it sounds normal to us. But, there are hints; our emotions can lead us back to the reason and the level of mind they originated. The ego is impatient and demanding. So if we feel jittery, hurried, pushed, impulsive, or confused then our thoughts are coming from the ego. The ego is also self-centered. So if we feel tired, jealous, guilty, lonely, left out, in any way take things personal then our thoughts are coming from the ego.  

Conscious  –  Our conscious self is the controller of our life!
The conscious self is the listener, the observer, the discriminator. It can listen to reason, to the ego and to the Higher Self and discriminate between them. Plus, it is the gate-keeper to the subconscious and can control what goes into the subconscious to grow. So your consciousness is your great asset!  

When we are conscious, we are observant, aware, rational. We don’t assume and are willing to learn; curious. We question things and our self, analyze and can discipline to not take things personal which can blur our judgment! The inner voice is self-conscious of our being; aware of our will-power and individual power to discriminate and choose. So if we feel sincere, honest, true, have a sense of wonder or a sense of humor then our thoughts are coming from the self-conscious. We are conscious of love, the feeling of inclusive, unconditional love, of caring, consideration and goodwill.

Your Higher Self speaks to you through intuition, inspiration and even instinct. Our Higher Self does not urge us to do anything. Nor does it impose – we have to be quiet within to consciously listen to that still voice. If not we can miss it! When we feel calm and collected, peaceful then the inner voice comes from our Superconscious. 

Our Higher Self can help us. And, it pays to listen because it is connected to Universal Mind, the all-knowing Cosmic Mind. The guidance is always wise and true, leading to positive effects.

We can develop our intuition through practice of being in the moment and asking for guidance. Expect an answer with a tender heart of gratitude, unconditional Love. Listen. Sometimes the answer comes immediately, sometimes at the most unusual times; time and space in the high mental planes do not exist as it does on the conscious level. 

Conscious Discrimination

If we are not conscious of our Higher Self or our voice of intuition, we are still in the flow of positive energy through our conscious discrimination, self-analysis and reasoning. You can ask FourSquare questions of yourself like: Is this feeling enthusiastic? Is this reasoning logical or impulsive, superstitious? Does it feel true, honest and sincere? Am I coming from a place of love or fear?  You are examining your emotions which empower your thoughts to physically manifest in your reality! 

Why Listen

It’s simple! Our reality is shaped by our mind and emotions, so we should be conscious of what we are thinking and our emotional motivations and intents. 

Listen to yourself. Be the watcher of the thinker, mindful in the moment. The more we are conscious, the more we can learn and work to refine our conscious energy and power of creativity, gradually raising our consciousness to Superconsciousness.

You’ve created this very moment for yourself!

That’s how powerful You are.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more one listens to Intuition, the more is Intuition developed, and the surer and wiser become all our actions. Thus human beings, in developing within themselves that Divine Ray of Intuition, will manifest Wisdom, will become six-pointed stars, stars of wisdom, and will bring about the Dawn of the New Day, the Day of Peace, of Harmony and Power.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 200.