Butterfly Wisdom – Image Studies

Reflective Canvases for 2014

release false beliefs

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 If you feel like you have to analyze things to death,
then that’s the point – to kill off negative traits. It’s a good thing!

Be silent

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Your Higher Self does not impose itself on You.
You must be silent and listen for your Inner Voice
of intuition with an awareness of Unity.


If one quality or corner of the FourSquare is missing or corrupted
then I know my reaction is out of balance and can cause me further
temptations and problems!

Header_with_Exercises_new“I am One with Universal Love and Universal Life Energy.
I am conscious of being loving and being loved Now.
I feel IT.”

 empowerment of soul

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 grasp the significance 3

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come to know u background

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As you come to feel and express love more in your relationships
and life you become more aware of Universal Love,
and this will lead to the conclusion there is only one choice
and that is for Love and happiness.

moss moment

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3. Foster your conscious connection with the Great Principle.


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Ways and Means

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First, be conscious!
First, be conscious!
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We can live in ‘what not to do’ for so long
that we think it is ‘what to do’.

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Terrorists and fear of terrorism exist because
we believe we have lost something vital.

FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Stuart Miles

Cutting off the most ready means of identification is an allegory
for losing one’s self. It is symbolic of the perpetrators losing
their own head and sanity, cutting off all reasoning
and consciousness; the fall of mind.

Simply IS
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TV juju

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symbol of the Soul

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Believing it is foreordain
That we are set apart
Opposites, an unsubstantial counterpart
Like a shadow with no heart.


and that’s the question we must some day face …


They are what power your thoughts to manifest physically!


Negative emotions like anger or fear have no power over you when you love.

Great Law compassionate

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smashed daisies

Habitual karmic cycles affect your karmic vision.

 the road

On which ever road you choose, human or spiritual, you will face temptation
just like all the Great Teachers of humanity including Jesus,

because it is something humanly created in our condition.

I am grateful for all of the help and inspirations I have received from many sources, yet the One Source,  for the start of this site and its continuation. Thank you for going on  a spiritual journey with me, The Lightbearer Center and all those that are in pursuit of understanding our opportunities as humans and revealing a bit more Light of our Soul everyday. It helps us all.

There will be more studies  next year with the help of the Great Law, including entries about other Universal Laws that are factors in your emotions.

May You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Although all the quotes at the end of the studies are wonderful to me, my favorite this moment is from Releasing False Beliefs About Yourself, Part 4. Until the New Year’s message consider that quote to reflect upon again: 

“Without our knowing it, Superconsiousness plays a more important role in our lives than subconsciousness because it is always watching us and reminding us when we make a mistake.”

                     Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume 1, p.72.


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2 thoughts on “Butterfly Wisdom – Image Studies

  1. This has been the best journey with you! I thank You and all concerned for making it readily available! It has lifted my emotions to higher thinking and made me smile with every understanding I recieve! Love Always, MRLB

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