Light from the heart?

clemitis 2016Hatred is a perversion of Love. And, it is an absence of light in consciousness. Someone that is attracted to hatred is limited consciously. And, once they are immersed in hatred it begins to feel normal to them. Yet, hatred causes us all to suffer. 

Hatred is coming to our world consciousness through the media and personal experiences because of terrorism and tragic acts of violence. And, being conscious of hatred can be the beginning of understanding of what hatred is, what is the result and what we can do to help bring light.

From the heart

Hatred is the absence of Light, the Light of consciousness. And, the Light of consciousness is wisdom dominated by Love. Not a limited love or limited consciousness. Rather a creative, intelligent, principled and energetic love. Love is not a passive energy, rather an active, creative energy.

To me, the personal me, I find it difficult to forgive myself when I realize I am impatient, resentful, or anxious. I realize I’m resentful because of deeper feelings of fearful energy from within myself and from others. And, this can be true of many of us because of our upbringing and conditioning. 

However, I aim to release hatred not only because because I reach for the authentic power of my soul, but because it is logical. Hatred causes us all to suffer. When one person experiences hatred, it affects another person, and another, until each of us is affected.

How can we forgive when we hate and hurt so much?

In order to release hatred, we find the tenderness in our heart and forgive ourselves. We begin by being mindful and love ourselves. 

Forgiveness, or rather I call it release, is an expression of Love. Forgiveness is a releasing of our inner negativity, negative energy. We can choose to learn from the experience of hatred, yet not cling to the emotional baggage. When we release there is no regret, guilt or resentment because we release our attachment to all the associated emotions too.

A Zen question

We should do our best to protect ourselves and others from hatred. I feel in my bones and soul that we will all reach the Light of our soul and become the enlightened beings that we already are, yet have forgotten. Yet, we have to work for it, to consciously know ourselves and consciously express the best of ourselves, the tenderness of our heart. And help each other.

There is always help for us.  There are other beings of Light on earth, in other dimensions and the Eternal is helping us return to Harmony, Home. 

We can contact a higher help in Universal Life Energy, which can help harmonize what we are unconscious of! Oh! There’s an answer to a Zen question – How can we harmonize something within that we are unconscious of?

  In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo from my garden 2016.

Your insights and comments are welcomed! Remember they could also help someone else, even if it is a question you already know the answer to! 

“The more you hate the more hateful you are yourself; the more contemptuous you feel, the more contemptible you are. If you are indignant about something, that something is in you.”

Eugene Fersen, “The Teacher,” Volume 1, page 58.

Calming the turbulent tempest; Fear of Terrorists, Part 2

The raging storm of terror that is generated by hatred, fear and self-righteousness is also unconsciously fed by associated fear-based traits like worry, prejudice, impatience, pride and ignorance. An impersonal analysis of the situation can help us calm the turbulent tempest in our thinking, free us to be in the moment, and with the help of the Eternal begin to enact inner peace.

image, Stuart Miles

Unconscious of fear

Terrorists use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously cover up their own fear and to abet hatred. We don’t know what terrorists as individuals have been through to get this way, yet terrorism is an attention-getter that is really a cry for love. It is the ego that doesn’t know how to cope with the stress of change and is afraid.

Being conditioned, they have cut off reasoning and consciousness. Their egos feel threatened and powerless, so in trying to empower their egos they fall further into hatred with a responsive belief that they are doing the right thing. With so much negative energy circling they become a slave to it.

 It is the fall of mind. In self-righteous, fear and guilt they lose their empathy for others.

The fear boomerang

People join terrorist out of fear. Wanting their cause to grow, terrorists use negative energy to attract others. And it works. An individual’s fear and guilt for not meeting the desires of self-righteousness, can be attracted to the terrorists’ group fear energy. Fear attracts more negative energy.

It does not stop there because that fearful energy boomerangs back to the originators, burgeoning, attracting what they fear – retaliatory attacks and subjugation. It terrorizes them to the point of desperation and thus they attack again. 

The energy builds as it circles the human mental atmosphere. Fear cycles, boomerangs round and round, growing world-wide, attacking anyone that unconsciously feeds it with worry, prejudice, antagonism or other fear-based traits. 

All this because of doubt. As discussed in Part 1, we experience fear because we doubt our connection to and the support of the Great Principle. We feel separate from each other and the Great All, forgetting our unity.  

Raise above doubt

Let us be brave and remember that we have the support of the Eternal, and enact unconditional Love instead of fear within ourselves, our heart. That we are conscious and aware of those individuals that fear and hate, yet they know not that they hurt themselves.

Just like a child that hits its mother. What does a mother do? She holds them, tight to her heart so the child doesn’t hit, until they return to their natural condition and consciousness. It is an attitude of unconditional Love. This can help us all to face the situation with courage, while not tolerating hatred, prejudice and egotistic self-righteousness.  

Also consider these methods to return to calm and concordant thinking:

  • Exercises like the Radiant Heart and the Mental Contact to surround yourself in unconditional Love. It is a protection. Fear does not exist in Love.
  • And remember, by being mindful and in the moment we live now. Our thoughts turn away from fear. We interrupt dwelling in negative energy. We let go of resentment and trying to get back at others, knowing that holding on weakens us.
  • And, we can turn towards the creative aspect in our thinking, in our speech, attitude and actions. Positive creativity builds our inner happiness and joy. Your individual positive creativity can take infinite forms from helping others, the arts, physical sports, exercise, dance, to just being silent. 

In the hope You find Love and Peace close at hand, Portia SLB

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We should not say we are alone. We are not. We should rise above it and say, ‘I have within me the Sword of Truth, my helmet is the Inspiration from above.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume 2, page 124.

Consider sharing your insights, questions and comments! 

To Know


water lilly  blue reasoning

In order for us to truly understand and know ourselves, we open ourselves, our thinking consciousness to the tenderness of our heart and Love. We heal ourselves because we become whole again – Mind and Love – recombine. Masculine Mind and Feminine Love energies freely flow together.

The heart knows, yet the brain forgot we are so beautiful and are at Home in unconditional Love. That frequency of Home is so close to us, yet to far away in our thinking because we have forgotten who we are and where we belong as souls.

In this creation of our earthly time we quest to Know who we are because some part of us knows we come from a realm of Harmony. We are of the realm of Harmony. We quest to feel the Truth and return to Harmony.

From our human mind we create opportunities for us to evolve step by step, even as we continue to forget what we quest for and suffer the consequences of our mental separation and behaviors.

IN the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more we improve our conscious self, under the direction of our Higher Self, the more we will invade and conquer our subconsciousness.  Some day both subconsciousness and Superconsciousness will disappear and only perfect consciousness will be left. This will be the divine or cosmic consciousness. We should just try to develop our consciousness. Become conscious of Truth. To develop consciousness is only to become aware. Be aware of all mistakes and misstatements, but do not condemn them in another. The Great Law will do that. Listen to others, then analyse what they say, before believing.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 676

Do You listen to yourself? Why listen to mental chatter, inspirations and reasoning: Listening – Part 2

gentle voice of intuition

We generally don’t listen to ourselves! Listening to ourselves is a big step towards owning and honoring our power to create our own reality – a happy one!

Our reality starts in our thinking. We currently function on three base levels of mind: the self-conscious; the sub-conscious ego; and the Superconscious, Higher Self. And, it pays to listen to all three levels.

How do we know the difference?

We like to think we are conscious during our waking hours. And, we are… sometimes. But because we are human and busy…., we can get lazy, confused and jump in the energy of the subconscious ego; into conditioning, desire, and impulse. It has no reasoning power, and is very fertile ground, so when a thought or suggestion enters it can grow unnoticed! 

We live in the past, rethinking it over and over – what happened and how we may have done it differently. We experience guilt, depression, loneliness. We live in the future, constantly worrying about what we are going to do next, and experience impatience, anxiety, fear.

We are so used to the mental voice of the subconscious ego that it sounds normal to us. But, there are hints; our emotions can lead us back to the reason and the level of mind they originated. The ego is impatient and demanding. So if we feel jittery, hurried, pushed, impulsive, or confused then our thoughts are coming from the ego. The ego is also self-centered. So if we feel tired, jealous, guilty, lonely, left out, in any way take things personal then our thoughts are coming from the ego.  

Conscious  –  Our conscious self is the controller of our life!
The conscious self is the listener, the observer, the discriminator. It can listen to reason, to the ego and to the Higher Self and discriminate between them. Plus, it is the gate-keeper to the subconscious and can control what goes into the subconscious to grow. So your consciousness is your great asset!  

When we are conscious, we are observant, aware, rational. We don’t assume and are willing to learn; curious. We question things and our self, analyze and can discipline to not take things personal which can blur our judgment! The inner voice is self-conscious of our being; aware of our will-power and individual power to discriminate and choose. So if we feel sincere, honest, true, have a sense of wonder or a sense of humor then our thoughts are coming from the self-conscious. We are conscious of love, the feeling of inclusive, unconditional love, of caring, consideration and goodwill.

Your Higher Self speaks to you through intuition, inspiration and even instinct. Our Higher Self does not urge us to do anything. Nor does it impose – we have to be quiet within to consciously listen to that still voice. If not we can miss it! When we feel calm and collected, peaceful then the inner voice comes from our Superconscious. 

Our Higher Self can help us. And, it pays to listen because it is connected to Universal Mind, the all-knowing Cosmic Mind. The guidance is always wise and true, leading to positive effects.

We can develop our intuition through practice of being in the moment and asking for guidance. Expect an answer with a tender heart of gratitude, unconditional Love. Listen. Sometimes the answer comes immediately, sometimes at the most unusual times; time and space in the high mental planes do not exist as it does on the conscious level. 

Conscious Discrimination

If we are not conscious of our Higher Self or our voice of intuition, we are still in the flow of positive energy through our conscious discrimination, self-analysis and reasoning. You can ask FourSquare questions of yourself like: Is this feeling enthusiastic? Is this reasoning logical or impulsive, superstitious? Does it feel true, honest and sincere? Am I coming from a place of love or fear?  You are examining your emotions which empower your thoughts to physically manifest in your reality! 

Why Listen

It’s simple! Our reality is shaped by our mind and emotions, so we should be conscious of what we are thinking and our emotional motivations and intents. 

Listen to yourself. Be the watcher of the thinker, mindful in the moment. The more we are conscious, the more we can learn and work to refine our conscious energy and power of creativity, gradually raising our consciousness to Superconsciousness.

You’ve created this very moment for yourself!

That’s how powerful You are.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more one listens to Intuition, the more is Intuition developed, and the surer and wiser become all our actions. Thus human beings, in developing within themselves that Divine Ray of Intuition, will manifest Wisdom, will become six-pointed stars, stars of wisdom, and will bring about the Dawn of the New Day, the Day of Peace, of Harmony and Power.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 200.

The Hots of Our Reality!


Our ego wants to find love, but can go about it in wrong or harmful ways. It doesn’t really want to know why it’s that way.

Our appetites, our habits, our impulses and libido shape the way we are. They are our desires, and our desires and motivations shape our reality.

We are all looking for Love because mentally we are not conscious of True Love. But, we unconsciously look for love through desires of the ego. The ego can urge us to look for satisfaction or escape through excessive sex, food, recreational drugs and attention. The subconscious ego feels it is lacking which is based in fear. There is no Trust in Universal Love or Universal Abundance.

We can get comfortable with the urges and impulses of the ego and become addicted to over eating, alcohol, sex, infidelity and porn. Food is to sustain our body, an aspect of love and sex is a divine means of helping us realize Love. But, the ego uses urges and impulses to fulfill itself which can end up harming us.

Our great asset is consciousness or awareness. When we are conscious of our desires and motivations we can exercise our authentic power, the power of our soul and individuality. We can use our will to be motivated by love rather than fear.

When we are conscious of Love and motivated by it, then we shape our reality in it. Our thoughts, emotions and behaviors change and thus our reality changes. We live in the flow of life earnestly with enthusiasm, wisdom and caring. We are conscious of goodwill and act with kindness from the tenderness of our heart.

This changes the way we see the world and live our life. It changes our reality because our reality is shaped by the way we are.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“We think inharmoniously, and those thoughts of ours –unaware in most cases as we are that they will some day be visited upon us –act most destructively on us. The same is true of our negative emotions, such as hatred, jealousy, revenge, etc. Even if we feel these emotions toward other individuals, ultimately we are the ones who will be most harmed by indulging them, because of the law of Retribution.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being

Do We Purposefully Create Conflict in Our Life?


Television dramas and reality shows soar in popularity, especially when there is obvious conflict. We want the characters to bravely face problems and overcome them. We want happy endings and great achievements. But, why are we so attracted to conflict in stories and competitions? And, do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

The Entertainment

Sure, we like to be entertained with games and stories in the media and conflict makes good drama. We are kept in suspense and are emotionally invested with anticipation in the hope of them overcoming the challenges they face.  We like the adventure and are attracted to it because of our own drama.

Our Power of Creation

We create conflict and drama in our life because we are generally unconscious of falling prey to the subconscious ego, which in turn creates disharmony.

A simple example of this is when I was young and walking along and stumbled, hurting my toe and pride. I asked myself why did I physically experience pain when I wasn’t hurting anyone, just minding my own business. I was young and inexperienced, but I had a spiritual teacher to help me understand myself. It became quite clear that I had been careless. Mindlessly day dreaming rather than being in the moment and caring about how and where I stepped. 

Every fearful emotion we experience like being careless, like being afraid of being alone, of being ridiculed, or of missing out, manifests as a negative behavior. Carelessness can result in a stumble or other mistake. Impatience can result in anger, and anger can lead to brutality. Jealousy can manifest as lying and even as violence. Guilt can result in regret, despair and depression.

The Lessons of Life

At the time, that stumble didn’t seem very important, but it was a valuable experience. I learned to care about what I am doing in the moment, to be grateful and that even deeper understandings can unfold. Conflict can be very painful, yet we can learn some very valuable life lessons.

Like the aphorism, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” I am grateful for that experience, for my spiritual Friend and my Inner Teacher. Without being conscious we can miss life opportunities to help ourselves and the importance of love in every behavior that is rooted in the mind and our emotions which manifests in our behaviors. If those emotions are negative we create conflict in our life.

Life Opportunities

Bit by bit, step by step, we become freer, stronger and happier through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect.

When you look someone in the eyes and genuinely smile, it spreads. Being kind and considerate is contagious. Finding solutions to problems with actions, rather than just complaining, is putting out positive energy and benefits everyone. And, that positive energy eventually returns to us increased.

If we do experience conflict or face adversities in our life it can spur us to remember all those life lessons we learned and motivate us to behave with love leading us. That’s a very rewarding life adventure!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflection upon:

“The whole of Creation is based on adventure.”  Eugene Fersen 

I appreciate You and invite you to share your thoughts too!

A Hope of Beauty


St Petersburg, Russia mosaic

A Hope of Beauty

From the mind of man comes the hope of beauty
From the heart of man comes appreciation & manifestation of beauty 
The Soul of man is Beauty.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

As hu-mans we create problems and ugliness even in our own eyes.  And in our heart we regret them and hope that harmony returns.

Yet, we have to create that harmony and beauty ourselves, within ourselves and around ourselves. When one person does it helps others by inspiring them to create through their behaviors beauty and harmony in their lives.

Humans are beautiful when we manifest our soul. And as souls we are Man – eternal, universal Beings. We are an interweaving of human, soul and the Source and with the beauty we create, we refine ourselves and evolve.

“Creation is the use of the most sacred Powers the Eternal has given us to achieve something.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 201.

A Hope of Beauty


St Petersburg, Russia mosaic

A Hope of Beauty

From the mind of man comes the hope of beauty
From the heart of man comes appreciation & manifestation of beauty 
The Soul of man is Beauty.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“Creation is the use of the most sacred Powers the Eternal has given us to achieve something.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 201.

Living a Conscious Heart

Every moment we are conscious of some quality of love, it heals ourselves and the world. Living a Conscious Heart is being mentally conscious of the qualities our innate, unconditional Love and manifesting it in our life. While we are at work, doing errands, at home, anywhere. 

Though we may still have challenges, because we all do, the spiritual practice of living conscious heart helps us have the courage to face them head on with confidence and peace within ourselves.

We refine ourselves and all humanity. 

Enjoy the Moment

Consider these ways to be more conscious of living unconditional love in your life:

 1. Consciously think well of others

Find the beauty and see the good in others. Focus on their positive qualities rather than complaining or gossiping about them. And, if the opportunity arises express appreciation for them.

That does not mean that we are ignorant of negative traits or support them, rather we are encouraging their positive qualities and ours. 

This sounds so simple and it is, but it is something we don’t normally do! We forget to consciously appreciate others. 

Start with those closest to us first like your partners, children, parents. Widen the circle to include acquaintances, then those in your neighborhood, and others you many not even know as in passing. And wider still, to include all humanity and all earthlings.

2. Hope the best for others

Genuinely hope the best for others; that they find happiness, health, success and inner peace. Even those that we consider difficult!

We each have to make our own efforts for happiness and peace, and we can not make it happen for others even in small ways unless they agree to it. Yet, by sincerely hoping happiness for them we are opening ourselves to manifest opportunities for love and compassion for ourselves and the world.

Start with those closest to us first like our partners, children, parents then widen your awareness. 

3. Do acts of kindness

Compassion means love in action. So do acts of kindness. For those closest to you first, and to those you consider strangers. Offer your help; they can always refuse it!

Especially unexpected acts of kindness can warm a person’s heart. What may be considered small things like giving a person your place in line or offering a person a dollar for something like a tip at the airport when they suddenly find they are short in cash.

Acts of kindness propagate! I’ve seen it happen! Though I didn’t know the origin of it, I knew it is a pay it forward type of thing when I experienced it! 

4. Radiate the Light of Love & Universal Life Energy

What we all really want is to know Love, to be loved and to be loving, therefore be conscious of your goodwill for others. 

When you are standing in line, sitting in traffic, being served in a restaurant have the intent to consciously radiate love from the tenderness of your heart. Send those around you Universal Energy and Light of Love without using your own will as to how you think others should be. Rather feel loving and generously radiate Universal Life Energy from your heart impersonally.

Consider practicing an exercise like the Radiant Heart to send that Energy and Love to the world unconditionally. 

5. Be conscious of your motivations

Whenever you are tempted to jump into a negative emotions like anger, recognize it for what it is – a temporary temptation. We can ask ourselves a simply question: Am  I motivated by love or fear?  

Release the temptation and recognize your tender and loving heart within. Be grateful that you are conscious; it is your Higher Self helping you recognize that you are out of alignment with the Real Self and soul. Then act being motivated by tenderness, goodwill, kindness, consideration. 

6. Be sincere

Be honest and choose your words wisely, accurately reflecting your intent. Truth is sincere, and so is Love.

Sincerity is the key that opens the door to Love within us because of the power of emotion to change our life! That feeling of sincerity draws Love into our consciousness and heart, which will spread to others and the world.

 7. Express gratitude

When you are truly grateful you can feel the tenderness in your heart and this radiates out.

8. Be in the moment

Breathe deep, relax and be conscious! In this way we can consciously guard the entryway to our subconscious and reject negative energy from entering to grow into negative personality traits of the ego.

Consider meditating daily. We can connect with our Higher Self and receive inspirations and insights; most of all feel inner peace and joy because we are getting a glimpse of the Source within. 

9. Trust in the Great Principle

Remember that you are not alone. We are One with the Universe and the Strength, Intelligence, Law, Love, Spirit of IT, the Source. That remembrance helps us open to trust the abundance and protection in the Universal Laws of Justice and Love. The Great Principle is always working to help us unfold and align with Universal Harmony. We can have faith in IT.

10. Smile!

Through your genuine smile others receive the unconditional love that you feel in your heart. A smile that is motivated by love is a precious gift! And, genuine smiles are contagious!

When one of us becomes conscious of  that spark of Love and compassion within us it can ignite Love and compassion in someone else. Then they can pass it on too. Which is amazing!

And, even more amazing – when we are conscious of beauty and love in others we are becoming more conscious of the beauty and love within ourselves. And, so it circles.

We become a world of helping hands and hearts!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 224.

Dark, Dark Hole


Dark, dark hole

It’s a dark, dark hole;
The center of our life
At one time
Long dead and decayed,
Remnant of what was,
Yet, decay can be a hotbed for growth.
Harmful weeds,
Poison vines that climb
And come back out
Into consciousness.
No power of discrimination,
And we fall back into conditioned illusion.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB